Connecticut Has A License To Innovate

One of the many attractions at last spring’s Westport’s MakerFaire was a prototype of a new Connecticut license plate. It reads (cleverly) “State of Innovation.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles recently approved the request for the special plate. Organizers are now taking orders for them.

The cost is $85 for a standard license plate, $154 for a vanity license plate.A portion of the proceeds goes to Remarkable STEAM, the non-profit behind the Westport Mini Maker Faire.

Organizers need 400 orders for the state DMV to proceed. For more information — or to order your “State of Innovation” plate — click here.

CT state of innovation license plate

10 responses to “Connecticut Has A License To Innovate

  1. Wish it were true, but more aspirational propaganda than reality.
    The Governor and State legislature have much to do in order to attract & retain truly innovative companies to CT. Slapping a motto on a license plate doesn’t make it true, and it could actually become a point of humor given CT’s economic performance the past several years.

  2. Connecticut has untapped resources, talent and opportunity. Part of growing is having aspirations and vision. I’m a “glass half full” guy and have seen over the past five years at our Westport Mini Maker Faires the incredible talent here in Connecticut. Helping people see and believe in that will help everyone find opportunities to grow past the state’s current challenges.
    The only way out is through and I believe working with a view towards a positive future is the best way through.

    • Don’t worry, the government does a great job at squashing any future growth or opportunities you might be forecasting.

    • Mark–sounds great. But if the business environment drives most to start or build their business elsewhere-CT will (and is) losing.

      Having just come back from Salt Lake City is is quite amazing to see all the startups and also the expansions of well known tech companies. Are they coming to CT? Why?

      And please don’t tell me it’s our highways. Traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area is horrible yet they all go there. It is just an excuse for the difficult and anti business environment in CT.

      Just the mention of a Unitary tax will keep businesses away.

      Hope is not a strategy. And that is what this license plate is-just hope.

  3. Dave Feliciano

    Yes, innovative ways to drive taypayers and businesses out of state. Yet urban violence in our cities continue to spiral out of control. Yet we are sorrow fed by states that have even more strict gun laws, hmmmmn. Must be this predatory youths that Bill And Hillary talked about.

    What happens when the last taxpayer leaves the state hmmmmn? A Puerto Rican financial control board???

  4. State of Innovation? Really? The budget calls for an eventual Unitary tax. How is that going to help businesses grow? And then there is the tax on computer service firms yet to come. By the way-all voted for by our own Steinberg.

    CT lost most of the biotechs in the state. Remember Pfizer in Groton? Or Bristol Meyers in Wallingford? All gone.

    A better license plate should say: State of Financial Crisis or State of Denial. The Governor and the leadership cannot change the horrible environment for business ornthenproposed taxes and cannot deny the financial crisis with some words on a license plate.

  5. If you all hate the State and it’s govt so much, why not vote with your feet?

    This is a simple statement that is designed to support something positive for kids, it’s not a political movement or a policy prescription. It’s a license plate!

    Lighten up people

    • Mike. I will vote–not with my feet but with my hands and I hope others do.

      The problem is too many are voting with their feet and leaving CT. Many, many wealthy people have moved their residence to other states such as Florida to get away from the CT financial crisis. State income tax receipts are declining, and quickly. The people we need in our state that it high taxes feel like they have a target on their backs so they are leaving.

      And remember our own Rep Steinberg voted for 2 huge tax increases and increases in the death and estate tax. So more are leaving to avoid those.

      And I just found out a well known democrat in Westport appears to have voted with their feet-Brett Aronow (sp.). Is this true? Is Florida the new home? She joins a previous Governor-Givernor Rell.

      Innovation or a State of Destruction.

    • As Bart notes, too many people ARE voting with their feet, at least for the 6 months and a day (plus other requirements) to get out from under the CT tax regime as soon as they are able to. It’s not just the high earning/wealth population but state employees trying to maximize the value of their pensions. It is somewhat telling that the first time you discuss estate planning with an attorney or financial planner, their first piece of advice is to move out of CT.

      The incentive to leave will only increase unless CT can figure out a way to drive economic growth rather than continue to increase taxes to deal with the fiscal mess facing the state. Unfortunately, the policy prescriptions coming out of Hartford are not particularly business friendly with other states seemingly doing a much better job of attracting/retaining businesses and/or higher income residents.

      So, high paying jobs continue to leave the state with employment buoyed only by creation of low paying jobs. Amusingly, the policy prescription for that is to raise the minimum wage and increase the EITC (see link). Both noble goals, by the way, but the former is not particularly business/job creation friendly while the latter just puts more pressure on the budget. Treating the symptoms but not the cause is not the answer.

      I agree though that this has little to do with vanity license plates which, while perhaps misleading, are at least aspirational and relatively harmless.