Parking Job Demands A Close Look

From one angle, this looks like a very bad (and aggressive) parking job by the Jaguar. After all, why would the Nissan come so close — particularly on the driver’s side — to a car that was already there?

Brooks Corner parking - Sandy Rothenberg

But take a look at this 2nd photo:

Brooks Corner parking 2 - Sandy Rothenberg

(Photos/Sandy Rothenberg)

Maybe the Nissan driver pulled in after the Jaguar — and tried to send a message about parking in a crosswalk space.

If you’re the driver of either vehicle, click “Comments” to explain.

Though I won’t hold my breath.

14 responses to “Parking Job Demands A Close Look

  1. Jerry MacDaid

    Whose bumper sticker is on the Jag? Just so I know who not to vote for.

  2. Elina Lublinsky

    First time “commenter” here.

    This is absolutely maddening.

  3. I’ve got my money on the Nissan! Best ever. 9.8 level of difficulty too…

  4. Isn’t that in front of Lux Bond and Green? Maybe one of the drivers were having a jewelry emergency??! I agree, stop the pics and call the police. So ridiculous!

  5. Fred Roberts

    Unfortunately, unless it is in a properly marked fire lane or handicap spot, these parking issues that are always posted are all civil matters and the police have no jurisdiction.

  6. Paula Martin Roveda

    Dan! What is with these people in our town??? Lemme at ’em!

  7. Jag def came in after the suv. Jag belongs to another specially privileged driver, sigh….

  8. Jerry MacDaid

    It is, of course, possible that the Jag driver parked there due to a bad parking job by a since gone car in the now empty space to its left. Even so, still incredibly rude thing to do to the Nissan which doesn’t appear to be able to back out of its space without clipping Jag.

  9. Jonathan McClure

    The Jag is actually partially parked in a non-spot. That is where the buildings and the lot jog at an angle and there is a small triangle marked on the lot to avoid the very issue caused by the non-jogging Jag.

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    Now … if that had been, say, a little Smart Car parked there in the “non-spot”, well then … it would be just soooo adorable, that this post would likely take a different turn!

    (get it? … different turn? yuk yuk yuk). >snark<

    I love these bad-parking posts – takes my mind off the larger issues of the world, for a minute!

  11. Megan Acquino Slingo

    I know there are some super fit residents and visitors to Downtown Westport….but unless they are a contortionist, I’m not sure it’s possible to get out of the Nissan if they were the last to park….hopefully the Jag was not there that long…I think in most cases like this, people just do not pay attention when they park…especially to the non-driver side. Now from the perspective of someone who is Plus Size…and if that were my Nissan, I would have been reduced to tears if I returned to my car and could not get in! I speak from experience…it has happened to me, but thankfully I have been able to crawl in from the other side…which is NOT EASY with center console!!

  12. I found another new ‘ding’ in my our car door the other day and showed my Husband. “How did THAT happen?” Bless him; he doesn’t deal with the thoughtlessness of drivers and their passengers. “Somebody opened their door roughly against our’s…” I loved his response, but can’t repeat it …

    Their thougtlessness sucks…I can say that much.

  13. Joyce Barnhart

    That isn’t a crosswalk. It looks like the Nissan driver would have been unable to get out of their car if they’d arrived after the Jaguar. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Jag could be towed? That would be just desserts.