The Final Kibbe For Kibberia

There are plenty of places to get good, expensive meals in Westport.

But there was only one Kibberia.

The fresh, healthy (and very inexpensive) Middle Eastern restaurant on the Norwalk town line — named for kibbeh, the delicious Lebanese dish — filled a special niche.

Nick Iskandar.

Nick Iskandar.

Owner Nick Iskandar created a wonderful space. He had devoted customers — including nearby office workers looking for great lunch fare — and a strong catering operation.

But tonight Kibberia serves its last shish kebab, shawarma and fantastic lentil salad. His lease expired, and the cost of doing business here grew too high.

Nick told “06880”:

It has been a pleasure being part of the Westport community for the past 3 years. We made a lot of friends here and had a lot of loyal customers who, I am sure, will be upset that we are closing.

I want to thank all our customers and all the people who supported us, especially Dan and the “06880” community who always wrote great things about Kibberia.

I hope to see you at our Danbury location. I wish you all the best.

I will certainly miss Kibberia. It was a wonderful restaurant.

I’ll miss Nick — an exceptionally kind and generous man — even more.

Fortunately, he’s keeping his Danbury location. His customers there certainly appreciate him. Kibberia’s address there is 93 Mill Plain Road.

Some of the many intriguing dishes at Kibberia.

Some of the many intriguing dishes at Kibberia.

16 responses to “The Final Kibbe For Kibberia

  1. Larry Perlstein

    There must be a way to stop these senseless rent increases. If not, we’ll end up with absolutely no locally / family owned businesses in Westport. We got the landlord to reconsider when Bagel Maven ran into trouble — maybe we can do the same for Kibberia?


  3. Jonathan Berg

    A real loss. Guess this explains why we can’t seem to keep enough decent casual dining options in town.

  4. One of my very favorite restaurants around town.
    So sad to see it go. Had lunch there today with a buddy of mine.
    In addition to some of the tastiest food around, Nick always welcomed us with his unusually warm nature. I would look forward to eating there as well as having a chat with Nick!
    I was happy to learn that Whole Foods now offers the food of Kibberia on one side of it’s salad bar. So, while Danbury might be a bit of a drive, the food of Kibberia can still live on close to Westport!

    I wish Nick and his family much success in their other ongoing business!


  5. Kibberia was the perfect family restaurant. We’ll miss it.

  6. bummer- they will be greatly missed

  7. Laurie Goldberg

    The real estate values in this town drive out any small business, especially restaurants. It’s so sad.

    • Bobbie Herman

      That’s one reason there are so many vacancies in town. When V closed, the site remained vacant for over two years. Apparently, landlords would rather keep their place empty, hoping someone will come along and pay the higher rent, than keep the current tenant at a more reasonable rent. Meanwhile, Fairfield is bustling with moderately-priced and casual restaurants, although I was sorry to see the recent closure of SBC.

  8. Roger Kaufmann

    in the realm of great chicken soup…a real contender.

  9. One of my favorite places. A major loss

  10. Nick Iskandar

    Dear All, I have to say the following:
    Our landlord was more than accommodating and the nicest person ever, he gave us breaks in the last few months to help us out, but the rents in the area are high and I am sure there is a yardstick he cannot go below. We did have a good volume but we needed a lot more to justify staying.
    Thanks again.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Nick. Thanks for the honesty. Westport is fortunate to have many family owned restaurants in and around town. You added a bit of diversity to the ‘menu’ scene.

      Wishing much success!!

  11. Bart Shuldman

    Just maybe it’s not the rent but the issue was the space was too big. Many times we went and it looked empty. The food was great but the atmosphere was not engaging. Sophita in Fairfield has succeeded for years. Just the right amount of space. If the space was smaller and his costs lower would it have helped?

  12. 🙁
    Allah iwaffe2 (Good Luck!)
    Ra7le mwaff2a (Have a good journey!)

  13. 🙁
    Allah iwaffe2 (Good Luck!)
    Ra7le mwaff2a (Bon Voyage!)

  14. Our best to Nick and the Kibberia Family! We will miss you all! Thank you for providing such wonderful food, hospitality and all you did for Westport! We look forward visiting you in Danbury!