Weekend Routine That Is Anything But

We all have weekends routines — the rituals we perform every Saturday or Sunday. We don’t think about them; we just do them. But they define us — and our town — more than we realize.

Alert “06880” reader Carter Wiseman shares his:

Most Saturday mornings, I visit People’s Bank on the Post Road at North Compo. Victoria and Nikki know my name. They don’t ask if I need my balance, because I view it online.

Trader Joe's - 1Next, I head across the street to Trader Joe’s. I check out avocados and more with Trude, whose bow-hunting father (I learned) pulled out her tooth by attaching it to an arrow.

From there it’s on to Westport Hardware. Dave once advised me on a cheap snake, so I did not have to call an $80-an-hour plumber to clear a bathroom drain.

I end my Saturday morning with a trip up the Post Road, to Liberty Army & Navy. I chat with Eve, the owner, who took over the store from her brother Bob (with whom I bonded over tales of the Viet Nam era. I had a cushy intelligence job with the Army in Germany; Bob was in the Air Force at Khe Sanh.)

My final stop is next door, at Castle Wines. I always look forward to seeing Kathleen, who has an advanced degree in oenology but nevertheless recommends an inexpensive Malbec.

What’s your weekend routine? Where do you go, who do you see, and why do you like it? Click “Comments” to share!

3 responses to “Weekend Routine That Is Anything But

  1. Now that we live in the Westport Historical Society designated Lizzy Gorman house, our routines are now defined by driving to exercise then walking around town.

    I generally head to the Y, come back and take our dog Sophie for a walk through Winslow Park, which is right across the street from where we live. Then walk to Compo Shopping Center complex, might take care of the dry cleaning at Westport Cleaners, head to Trader Joe’s, Gold’s or CVS for stuff. Every couple of months a haircut at Compo Barber shop. When necessary dog food at Compo Acres.

    Later in the day, my wife Jane and I walk downtown, dropping in at the library, peaking through the window at Vespa, sometimes the Chase on Main street., a walk through Barons South and maybe up to Fresh or Terrain. Compo beach and Long Shore come in somewhere. Bike rides.

  2. I love my Saturday’s! If I wake up early I am off to The Edge for yoga with Robert although that only happens occasionally. I look forward to my morning class in Strength Building at the Senior Center with Eileen , her dog Dobson, and 5-6 good friends I have met there. We laugh, tell jokes, and sweat together. After class we meet in the dining area for a free coffee, tea and goodies donated by Stews. These times are invaluable to me for through our friendly dialogues I learned about the Ladies 9 hole golf league at Longshore, great movies to rent from the library, iPhone features, Wheat Belly, the latest play at Westport Playhouse and have enjoyed the wonderful company and stimulating conversation of all. And I’ve had my blood presure taken for free! Then I’ve been off to a golf clinic At Longshoreeith John and Chris. Once home my husband and I decide the beach? A movie ? Dinner? Or catch up with gardening or house chores. That’s it. Another great day on Westport.

  3. Leslie Beatus

    Nikki at Peoples Bank was my student in Middle School when I taught art in Norwalk. Love to see her and she has gotten me out of a jam many times!