Friday Flashback #2

Today it’s Goodwill. For many years before that, it was the Peppermill.

Even earlier though, this building on Post Road East was Westport’s Greyhound bus station. In the days before I-95, Route 1 was how you traveled between New York and Boston.

Attached to the depot was something called the Post House — a restaurant?

Greyhound Post House - bus station and restaurant

If you’ve got any memories of the Greyhound station, or the Post House, click “Comments” below.

(Hat tip: Neil Brickley)

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12 responses to “Friday Flashback #2

  1. Bobbie Herman

    As I came here in 1983, I have no memories of either the Greyhound station or the Post House, but I remember the Peppermill very well. They had a wonderful salad bar and the best bacon cheeseburger I’ve ever had! I was so sorry when they closed!

  2. Yes, the Post House was a restaurant for bus travelers. It was also the main location for taking the bus or arriving, tho you could also board the bus from the center of town. Achorn’s drugstore, then across from the old library, was a ticket agent. These were inter-state buses – you couldn’t go somewhere within the state. One day my friend Dusty and I decided to take the bus to Springfield, Mass. When the bus pulled into Hartford there were posters all over the station advertising the circus in town that day. Dusty wanted to leave the bus and go to the circus. I said we should keep on going to Springfield. “Why?” he asked. “Because that’s what we planned to do,” I said. We kept going. It was July 6, 1944, the date of the deadliest circus fire in history, in Hartford.

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    Original Goodwill was onRiverside Ave where Arezzos Restaurant is.It was a dark place that smelled . I Great for really cheap curios and Halloween costumes Went to Post Road US 1 later Post Rd locale was a nice French Restaurant

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  4. i remember hearing from Dorothy Adams that the Post House was there
    before the Greyhound station, and was on the location where the stage
    coach would stop in the very old days. Miss Adams was principal of
    Saugatuck Elementary, and her family were Westporters before the
    also, hello Peter.

  5. Remember the hubbub a few years ago when the proprietor of a self-described “very upscale” clothing store complained that moving the Goodwill a half a block closer to her shop would bring in a “bad element” and threaten her customers?

    Can you imagine what she’d have done if a bus depot moved in?

  6. Bonnie Bradley

    I join Buell in saying “hello Peter”….those were the days, weren’t they! 😍
    I remember that as a result of the Hartford circus fire my parents would never take us or let us kids go to an outdoor tented circus. Instead, they did take us a couple of times to Madison Square Garden to see the Barnum & Bailey Circus. It was so thrilling in the day when kids didn’t have much that was exciting to see or do but were routinely “put out to play” and we just went anywhere and everywhere we wanted without any supervision… the beach, out sailing on the Sound, to “town” on the bus (10 cents each way), etc. The only rule was that you had to be home in time for dinner.

    One tragic factoid re the Harford circus fire: the giant canvas tent was “waterproofed” with paraffin which fueled the initial fire to an inferno.
    Peter, thank goodness you stuck to your guns and went on to Springfield that day!

  7. In February, 1951, my first day as a U. S. Navy man I was put on a bus from NYC headed for Newport, R. I. Driving thru the center of Westport, in front of the YMCA were friends who waved us on and who drove to the Greyhound Post House to meet our bus as we stopped there for a snack and a brief good-bye.

    At 4 AM we finally arrived in Newport and began our time in the military.

  8. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I remember the Greyhound Bus station but, not the restaurant. I was pretty young at the time and we would drive by it often since we lived off the Post Road East. I love seeing the old picture of the depot.

  9. Susan Hopkins

    Looks like the Peppermill where I enjoyed numerous happy gatherings with friends and family. Always loved dining there.

  10. William Adler

    The photo gave me a vivid flashback of that circular drive and going with my parents to the Peppermill – loved the salad bar. I think the owner and chef was named Tex Rodriguez (I might be wrong).

  11. I recall Chief Louis Rosenau once telling me of a homicide or an untimely death that occurred at the Greyhound Post House when he was a young officer. It involved a baby but that’s all I remember. It was several years before I became a member of the WPD. – Dick Alley