Cobb’s Mill Officially On The Market

For months, everyone has assumed Cobb’s Mill Inn was for sale.

But it just appeared — finally — as a listing today.

Cobb’s Mill — the  only real dining spot in Weston, and for decades the go-to wedding/anniversary/memorial spot, thanks in equal measure to its rustic charm and ducks — is quite a property.

Cobbs Mill waterfall

The listing notes:

Historic Inn for sale in beautiful Weston CT right along the Saugatuck River. Breathtaking Waterfall views, voted best romantic scenery in CT, 5 minutes from the Merritt Parkway, recently remodeled, 150 dedicated parking spaces, complete with both a restaurant and a banquet facility that accommodates up to 225 guests, a waterfall bar & tap room & several rooms overlooking the lake.

It seems the “inn” is getting more attention than the restaurant. In fact, the heading reads: “Historical Inn & Banquet Hall Steps From Downtown.”

The “property type” description is “Hotel & Motel.”

And the photo shows off the cafe, rather than the restaurant.

Cobbs Mill listing

Weston is abuzz with rumors as to what might go in there.

The listing price is $2,295,000. Click here for details — or to make an offer.

15 responses to “Cobb’s Mill Officially On The Market

  1. Well, at least its cheaper than Elviras.

  2. It’s so beautiful and hopefully someone will rescue this perfect spot!!

    • B. Stephen’s kudos to this celebrated Inn could not be more on target. All the moreso in my case, COBB’s MILL being lucky mise en scene of my first date with the love of my life(still going strong some 33 years later and counting). Accordingly, let’s hope that this “perfect spot” can elude the fates of ALLEN’s and THE RED BARN. Meanwhile, as Bob Hope once crooned to Shirley Ross(cf: BigBroadcast of 1938 ) “Thanks for the Memory.” Best./Noel
      ps/According to legend, COBB’s MILL’s waterfall bar was salvaged from The French Line’s NORMANDIE [aka”Most Beautiful Ship Afloat” @ time of its tragic scuttling in New York harbor by wartime Axis saboteurs]
      Thanks & Best. s/Noel
      Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr //Fairfield=Connectic ut //NoelJr@OptOn;ined.Net

  3. Sharon Cribari-Saccary

    Oh I hope someone buys it. Such a shame to let this place go Away for good

  4. I had to laugh at the “5 minutes from the Merritt Parkway” and “Steps from downtown”…:-) When we lived in Weston, “Downtown” was Westport the town center had a little grocery store, hardware store and a couple other small businesses. We used to say if you blinked while driving up Weston Rd. you would miss it…
    Hope somebody with vision buys Cobb’s MIll and restores it to it’s glory as a wonderful restaurant and gift shop.

  5. A little more from the real estate broker’s book of puffery: “recently remodeled.” Honestly, the place hasn’t even had a complete paint job in years. The roof is a patchwork of old buckling asphalt shingles and even older ones. The flooring is worn and the fabrics are musty. Truly restoring the place would be a major undertaking. I hope someone with the necessary capital takes it on, but I am not optimistic.

  6. Bettina Gangi

    Interested…I know you keep thinking about an eatery🤔🤗

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  7. Bobbie Herman

    I don’t think they can put in “high-density housing for seniors.” Weston doesn’t have sewers and septic systems can’t be used for such housing.

  8. FYI – according to Assessors records the late Mr. Friedman bought it out of foreclosure for $1,760,000, while it is now listed for $2,295,000 – a $528,000 or 30% increase. I strongly doubt there were improvements made to justify this added value. To the contrary, the place looks even more rickety than ever, and it’s racked up still another failed management attempt. Certainly if it were a profitable business, Drew’s family would have kept it running after he passed on.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Location/land/inflation= typical asking price. Seems like a bargain today.
      With the waterfall, it would make a nice art center/school perhaps.

    • Bobbie Herman

      Properties are generally listed higher than the hoped-for sales price to allow room for negotiation. As far as the condition goes — my husband and I had Thanksgiving Dinner at Cobb’s Mill and it looked as if it had been remodeled, at least the interior did. It was spic-and-span and tastefully decorated. The food was excellent, too!

  9. Interesting that the listing agent owns (at least in part) both Gray Goose and The Spotted Horse.

  10. Linda (Pomerantz) Novis

    Sad to see Cobb’s Mill go the way of the Red Barn,Three Bears,Mario’s..I have
    (Many) memories of playing piano years ago in their downstairs bar & hearing the peaceful music of the waterfall,outside,there.