Lisa Addario’s “Amateur Night”

Lynsey Addario gets plenty of shout-outs on “06880.”

But the Pulitzer Prize and MacArthur grant-winning New York Times photographer is not the only talented member of the 4-female-sibling family.*

Lisa — a 1986 Staples High School graduate — has just written and directed “Amateur Night” (with her husband, Joe Syracuse).

Based on their early experiences in Hollywood, the film stars Jason Biggs, Janet Montgomery and Ashley Tisdale. It’s also the feature debut for Eddie Murphy’s daughter, Bria Murphy.

“Amateur Night” opens today (Friday, August 5) in New York and Los Angeles. It’s then in select cities — and video on demand — beginning August 12.

Here’s the trailer. Warning: It’s rated R!

*And of course we love their parents, Philip and Camille.

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One response to “Lisa Addario’s “Amateur Night”

  1. Camille Addario

    Thanks Dan
    You are always on top providing all the good press regarding the achievements of our
    Great kids, parents, educators and supportive
    Community I am forever grateful for your
    Continued contributions. how very lucky am
    I to have added four fabulous daughters to
    Be able to provide continuous life experiences
    With pride and success
    Most sincerely
    Camille Addario