Compo Guards Save Lives, Offer Life Lessons

Westport’s lifeguards are superb. They’re well-trained, well-skilled, friendly and fun. (They’re also very tan and quite fit.)

Compo Beach-goers know that the guard shack offers more than first aid. There’s tide and temperature info; warnings — and an always intriguing Quote of the Day.

Yesterday’s was particularly noteworthy:

Compo lifeguard sign


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2 responses to “Compo Guards Save Lives, Offer Life Lessons

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Ah, some interestingly placed philosophy, at “the beach”.

    (Love my ‘ol hometown. Can always count on the thinkers to … well, think!).

  2. Nancy Hunter

    I’m wondering when the European 7 crossed into American waters.
    I’m wondering how the swimmers itch parasite crossed from a lake to an ocean sound.
    Beyond that, nothing else is noteworthy.