Mersene’s “06880” Merchandise

If I were smart, I’d sell “06880”-themed stuff on “06880.”

But I’m not. So whenever anyone asks where they can buy something that screams “Westport,” I send ’em to the Westport Historical Society (books, tote bags, note cards).

Or Joey’s by the Shore (hoodies, towels, beach stuff).

Now there’s another option. Mersene — the spectacularly creative, super-friendly and amazingly wonderful owner of Indulge by Mersene, on Railroad Place across from the train station — has added a number of local items to her eclectic, intriguing and ever-changing stock of unique finds.

A Westport t-shirt.

A Westport t-shirt.

Some of them say “Westport.” Others (even better!) actually show “06880.”

An "06880" pillow.

An “06880” pillow.

Mersene has a wonderful eye, not only for what looks good but how to present it. (Check out her gift baskets!) Her Westport merchandise is fun and funky. No kitsch or schlock at all.

This silver tray is engraved "06880."

This silver tray is engraved “06880.”

She’ll ship anywhere. But if you live nearby — or are just traveling through — Mersene and her store really should be seen in person.

She puts the “oh!” in “06880.”

This pendant features a Westport navigation chart.

This pendant features a Westport map…

...while this blanket shows Westport's latitude and longitude.

…while this blanket shows Westport’s latitude and longitude.

5 responses to “Mersene’s “06880” Merchandise

  1. Aini Rockwell

    Mersene’s is a true Weatport gem, and the lady herself a powerhouse of creativity. Truly a wonderful place to shop. She also does amazing gift baskets to suit any budget. Safe to say I love this store!

  2. We carry a full line of sweatshirts tanks for women and kids at the Winged Monkey right here in Westport they’re super cute too

  3. David Grant

    Hi Dan – Where did the Minute Man t-shirt in today’s blog come from? Thanks, David

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  4. Jackie Kupper

    Dan, you should produce a Westport adult coloring book if there isn’t one now. It’s the new hot thing for towns to portray their landmarks in adult coloring book form As you know, adult coloring books are said to be stress relievers. Jackie

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