Westport Police Open “Citizens’ Academy”

Across the country, police-citizen relations are in the news.

Westport cops have a great reputation. But they want to do even more to help folks understand the reality of their lives.

A Citizens’ Police Academy begins September 8. Up to 24 Westporters will take law enforcement classes from local police officers. They’ll also participate in ride-alongs, and earn CPR/AED certification.

Classes meet every Thursday (7-9:30 p.m.), for 9 weeks.

I’ve done a ride-along. It was a fascinating experience.

The course seems educational, intriguing, and very valuable. It’s open to all Westport residents 21 and older. For more information, including an application, call Jillian Cabana: 203-341-6009.

Westport Police

One response to “Westport Police Open “Citizens’ Academy”

  1. Mary Ann West

    I participated in the Citizens Police Academy when I first moved to Westport 18 years ago. Great experience: both WPD leadership and fellow attendees.

    As a writer, it was enlightening and we learned not only basic police work, visiting lock-up, firing a gun, and of course, the ride along. We also heard from the experts; the court system, domestic abuse, even understanding graffiti tags, working with youth and some of the toughest cases were described.

    My take away thinking was that every kid should attend a court session before they start driving.