David Loffredo And The Donald

Longtime Westporter — and frequent “06880” commenter — David Loffredo was invited to speak at an event at the Trump Doral.

Intrigued, he accepted. He’d never been to a Trump resort before.

“It’s everything you’d expect — lots of gold,” David reports.

Last night, there was a buzz that the Republican presidential candidate was coming.

After David spoke, he headed toward the lobby. Bam!

Donald Trump - by David Loffredo

“His employees — mostly minorities — love this guy,” David says.

He also talked to Secret Service members. “They said he’s a ‘rock star.'”

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47 responses to “David Loffredo And The Donald

  1. Those look like lots of white men to me.

    • Your vision is 20/20 Greg

      • Jerry MacDaid

        I’m not necessarily a fan of Trump but not sure what your point is since they appear to be Secret Service. I recall the Secret Service is hired by the US Government, not the Donald.

        Oh, and you obviously missed the partially obscured African American gentleman with the blue tie to his left. Interestingly, that head count is actually roughly in proportion to representation in the US population. What are missing are women and Asians and, maybe, Hispanics.

        Glad I’m not depending on the two of you for accurate reporting.

  2. Margarita De Santis

    I get a blog from my hometown of Westport. This shows that Trump walks the walk – he hires people who can do the job not where & who they are!

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  3. Bobbie Herman

    Please! I just ate.

  4. Nancy Hunter

    What’s the point?

  5. jack whittle

    Well, one point is my good friend Dan, who definitely doesn’t share my national political leanings, is nonetheless willing to post stories (with a local hook, of course) that represent different perspectives than his. I suspect some of his readers, perhaps including Nancy, would be thrilled to read a “close encounter with Hillary” that was positive in nature.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Jack, if the caption was “a close encounter with Hillary” I would ask the very same question: What’s the point?

  6. trump is a fascist, and his tie is too long. You know what that means !!!

  7. Donald Trump is a threat to the security and the sanity of this country. We have already stooped low enough to make this scumbag, scam artist, liar, and sociopath the Republican nominee. He must not be allowed to become that which he is not – leader of the free world. He is a dangerous person to put in a position of influence because the only person on earth that he cares about is Donald Trump. He would cheat you out of your last ounce of blood if he needed to. He is the worst possible person to put in charge of anything. How could any thinking person even take him seriously? I am so disappointed in you, Dan, for trying to put him in a good light. Go back and read your history books about Germany in the 1930’s. Would you have said nice things about Hitler, too? You need to draw the line somewhere, Dan, and please do not ever tout this man again. It will be to the nation’s detriment.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Dan doesn’t tout. The purpose here is to deliver news of 06880 and “the world” of Westporters, and to listen to opinions, agreeable or disagreeable.

    • Jerry MacDaid

      And Hillary Clinton is Richard Nixon reincarnated. Except she is in the pocket of Goldman Sachs and various foreign governments who have moved the Clintons from the verge of bankruptcy to untold riches. Not to mention, she had Vince Foster killed.

      We have already stooped low enough to make this scumbag, scam artist, liar, and sociopath the Democratic nominee. She must not be allowed to become that which she is not – leader of the free world. She is a dangerous person to put in a position of influence because the only person on earth that she cares about is Hillary Clinton. She would cheat you out of your last ounce of blood if she needed to. She is the worst possible person to put in charge of anything. How could any thinking person even take her seriously?

      Pre-emptively, I am so disappointed in you, Dan, for trying to put her in a good light. Go back and read your history books about Germany in the 1930’s. Would you have said nice things about Hitler, too? You need to draw the line somewhere, Dan, and please do not ever tout this woman again. It will be to the nation’s detriment.

      • So plagiarism runs in the blood of Republicans. Can’t you think of your own words. And if you really want to compare Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, please list below his legislative and social accomplishments.

        • Jerry MacDaid

          Actually, Rozanne, in this case I feel the Bern, so please get over yourself and your irrational, knee-jerk prejudices.

          The issue with politics these days, as so glaringly demonstrated by your comments, it that they have deteriorated into hysterical non-fact based rants on personality rather than any thoughtful discussion of issues. When you go down the road you did, names and pronouns are readily interchangeable and have the same degree of accuracy and substance.

          Similarly, with your most recent rant, if you really want to compare Hillary and Donald, please show me where the Donald enabled a rapist, undermined rape victims, and where he was grossly negligent (if not criminally culpable) with classified government information. But then, we Democrats do have a high propensity for electing convicted criminals to office (e.g. Ganim, Barry, among others). Show me the companies Hillary has run or how she got rich by honest means. All the Donald has done is left a bunch of big banks hanging with bad loans over the years, but we don’t like big banks either so hard to say who to hate there.

          So there. Na, na, Na, na, na….. We can continue like this forever if you really want to which only reinforces my point.

          Unfortunately, the presidential candidates of both major parties are severely flawed. How we got to this point is truly disconcerting. Hopefully, our country will find a way to muddle through whichever way the election goes as we done with less than stellar presidents in the past.

          And hopefully the election process will have people listening with open minds to discussions of real issues and the concerns and ideas of others and deciding from there rather than close-mindedly running with our personal, parochial, pre-conceived views. And also appreciating that folks whose views and opinions are different from ours are not, by definition, stupid or the devil incarnate.

          Nah, probably not gonna happen.

          • Jennifer Rankine

            Thank you, Jerry MacDaid for a point well-made and for being a voice of reason.

  8. Jens Buettner

    Maybe you should at a new category to your blog “Totally stupid”, comes right after “Totally random”.

  9. Diana Bowes


  10. Elizabeth Thibault

    He’s not as … orange as I expected.

  11. Nicole Klein

    Hi All! I actually thought it was NICE to finally hear something NICE about an individual who I may not be in favor of being president. So, I therefore step aside, and say that it was quite “magnanimous” of Dan to post this post. Hope the next is another awesome April Fools Joke!!!

  12. Had to share this picture…a perfect Westport summer night spent with camp friends visiting.

    Sarah Tamm


  13. Nell Mednick

    Yuk Trump !

  14. Kevin O'Halloran

    I’m sure Putin’s security detail thinks he’s cool also…they must

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh, snap!

    Okay, here now I thee rant, so lend me your tolerant ears:

    So, what was the event “theme/purpose” at the Doral exactly?

    And, what was the topic that “longtime Westporter David Loffredo” was asked to discuss?

    Last night was an important night for “not Trumpter’s”, filled with quite an array of amazing and intelligent (and humorous) speakers at the DNC, so … is this Trump “event”, if you will, just another distraction from sanity?

    Ahem, no offense to Loffredo for taking the gig. Probably “fun”, if you’re into that kind of thing. I don’t know him and never heard of him before, so I can’t say too much more about that.

    Except … SANITY CHECK? … Because … SANITY?

    Oh well, can’t fight against crazy, and can’t join crazy, so, I observe and then try to dismiss crazy … you know, the Don. Not necessarily the folks who hop on the carpet ride. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    There are only so many times one can iterate: “you are voting against your own best interests, but you don’t know you are doing just that.”

    But still, thanks Dan, because perspective and wayward tidbits are always interesting on your blog! But ya gotta know, it’s going to hit nerves!

    Especially in what I grew up in as a very progressive and liberal minded Westport community, with even-keeled and level headed conservatives living “among” us in relative harmony.

    (Oh shit, forget I said that. I was just a kid in 70’s and 80’s, so what did I know about the insidious nature of politics, wars in progress/completed/to come, corporate influence, the 1960’s wave, NASA, women’s rights, equal rights, Reagan, Bush/Cheney, and … ugh, I’m exhausted.)

    God Bless ‘Merica ? 🤔 Who can recommend next best country to live in. Anyone? Bueller?

    I’m thinking – A Planet called Neuron – because brain synapses might actually function properly there.

    (damn, hope I spelled the synapses word correctly – yikes, I’m running away from EMF’s now!)

    Some snark here, and some seriousness too (for those who might not “get me”).

    • Nancy Hunter

      How I love your honest “snark”, Sharon! You seem to have the guts to voice what so many are thinking but can’t or won’t put into words.
      Keep it up!

  16. Susan Iseman

    Look how small Trump’s hands are. I think HRC’s are bigger.

  17. Bill Clinton last night …….
    Hillary is my best friend and love of my life

    Who is buying that one!!!!!!

    I just can’t vote for Monica Lewinsky’s ex boyfriends wife

  18. Jonathan Maddock


  19. Bart Shuldman

    Thank you Hillary for helping to elect Donald Trump.

    Now-is there any way we can start all over? 350 million people in the US and these are the 2 candidates for President?

  20. Nina Sankovitch

    It is hard to believe that someone who listened to Bill Clinton’s speech last night can describe Hillary as “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.” How about describing Hillary as United States Senator? As Secretary of State? As a woman who has spent her entire career working to help people and to make the United States a better place? Those are accurate definitions of who she is. The fact that Mr. Bannon chooses to see Hillary Clinton only as someone else’s wife says a lot. I will vote for the complete package of Hillary, the person who has the experience, the intelligence, the compassion, and the determination to lead our country. As far as Donald Trump goes, his latest move is asking the Russians to find Hillary’s missing emails. Maybe the Russians can find Trump’s tax returns…

    • Nina Sankovitch, you are brilliant. We need to hear more from you.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Hillary did this to herself. He ‘above it all’ attitude will drive this election away from her.

      She knew that she wouldrun–has been waiting to run again. Why do the email server? Then why lie about it once she got caught. Then have her lawyers go thru her emails, which not one had security clearance and not just delete 33,000 emails, but destroy them. What was she hiding?

      And now the DNC gets caught ‘rigging’ the election. I guess she was too scared The Bern might beat her?

      I have 2 daughters and want to see a woman President. But not her!!

      And the truly ugly part-she just might help Trump get elected. Unbelievable.

      • Nancy Hunter

        Bart, have you been mixing your Hillary Hooch with your Trump Tonic?
        Relax. The World will not end on Election Day. It never does.

        • Bart Shuldman

          Nancy. Maybe you will go away on Election Day. I can only hope.

          • Nancy Hunter

            Little changes when a new government takes seat ( the UK is just fine!) If you are unhappy, be happy that modern world governments turn over every four, six, eight years. Democracy.
            I hope we’ll continue to help each other. Thanks for your friendship.

  21. Sharon Paulsen

    Thanks Nancy!

    And thanks Dan!


  22. Bart Shuldman

    This is a great article in The Atlantic by Rin Fournier. It speaks to Hillary’s problem of lying. He concludes that if Trump wins it is Hillary’s fault:

    Why Can’t Hillary Clinton Stop Lying?

    The Democratic presidential nominee came off a successful convention week in Philadelphia and landed right back in hot water with another fabrication.

    AUG 1, 2016 POLITICS
    This is a note to Clinton Democrats—a desperate plea, actually. Your candidate staged a winning convention in Philadelphia: big stars, tight messaging, and a compelling case against her rival, Donald Trump.

    The Republican nominee followed up by smearing a war hero’s family, revealing his ignorance about Russia’s incursions into Ukraine, denying a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin that he had previously claimed, and failing to quell suspicions that his team changed the GOP platform to protect Putin’s interests.

    Hillary Clinton may be rising in the polls as a result, which is good news for people like me across the political spectrum who find Trump to be vacuous, soulless, and temperamentally unfit for the presidency.

    Yet I’m not angry at Trump; I expect him to be repugnant. I am angry at Clinton, because she followed up her convention with another unnecessary lie; another excuse for people to distrust her; another thin reed upon which undecided voters could justify a belated allegiance to a man who former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called “a dangerous demagogue.”

    On Sunday, the former secretary of state told FOX News’ Chris Wallace that FBI Director James Comey cleared her of misleading the public about her rogue email server at the state department: “Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.”

    That’s wrong and she knows it, which makes it a lie.

    “Clinton is cherry-picking statements by Comey to preserve her narrative about the unusual setup of a private email server,” wrote Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, who awarded Clinton the maximum four “Pinocchios” for her whopper. “This allows her to skate past the more disturbing findings of the FBI investigation.”

    Read here if you want to know about the FBI’s findings. In addition, her actions were an assault on the Freedom of Information Act and the hallowed concept of legislative oversight.

    And yet, in my mind, the case against Clinton is not as disturbing as Trump’s mendacity, megalomania, intolerance, and intellectual slovenliness. With Clinton and Trump, the two most unpopular presidential candidates in the modern era, there is no equivalence.

    I’m angry at Clinton because I expect better. The country needs better. I say again: If Trump becomes president, the world will have Clinton to blame.

    Her dishonesty could push an unknown number of independent and undecided voters into Trump’s camp or toward a non-major-party candidate. If too many swing voters walk away from Clinton because she destroyed her credibility or because they don’t want to condone her behavior, the nuclear codes go to Trump.

    That is why Clinton’s advisers, senior Democrats, and members of the liberal media need to stop covering for Clinton. Stop repeating her spin. Stop spreading her lies. Stop enabling her worse angels. It’s too late for Clinton to come clean, but honorable Democrats should at least insist that she stop muddying the water.

    Please, for the sake of the country, tell her: Stop lying.

  23. Nancy Hunter

    So Trump is speaking in Fairfield tonight! Olympic coverage may be more attractive… especially since Hope Solo has left.