Introducing “06880+”: One More Community Resource

“06880” is all about stories.

There are stories of Westporters doing amazing things. Stories of Westport’s past history, present challenges and future trends. Stories of Westport drivers and parking lots, both of which have serious issues.

Unfortunately, “06880” cannot cover everything.

One of the toughest parts of my job is saying no.

I say no to people — wonderful people — who want me to publicize their Girl Scout cookie sale. Their upcoming book signing/book reading/estate sale.

I say no to people who want help finding a missing dog, missing ring, missing classmate.

I say no to publicity about reunions, fundraisers, GoFundMe campaigns and political fundraisers.

I say no a lot more than I say yes. I hate doing it, and I hate that some people hate me for it.

But every problem* has a solution. Here’s mine:


That’s the newest addition to the “06880” community. It’s a community bulletin board.


Designed by Dylan Diamond — the very talented Staples High School rising senior whose MyHAC grade/class assignment/transcript app has been downloaded tens of thousands of times, across the country — “06880+” is the new go-to spot for posting all the stuff I say “no” to.

And adding your event to the handy calendar on the page too.

“06880+” — pronounced “06880 Plus” — is accessible here. And from the home page of “06880” (there’s a link at the top, and on the side). You can bookmark it as a Favorite too.

I hope you’ll use it often: As a page to publicize your upcoming event, post notices and seek help. (You can post images too — a logo for your organization maybe, or something you’re trying to sell.)

I hope too that “06880+” evolves. It may become a forum where folks seek advice. Questions are welcome: “Does anyone have a stroller I can borrow for when my granddaughter visits?” “What’s the best nail salon?” “What was the name of that place before it was 323 and Bogey’s?”

Like “06880,” I hope that “06880+” is a place where everyone feels welcome. Where all viewpoints are welcome.

And where I don’t have to say “no” to a story about your cat.

*Except those that come before the US Congress

19 responses to “Introducing “06880+”: One More Community Resource

  1. Susan Iseman

    Very cool idea- thanks, Dan!

  2. John Karrel

    Think I’ll stay with the one where Dan says “no.”

  3. I think it’s a marvelous, community-minded idea…very useful and I’m sure it’ll be much appreciated as time goes on. It’s an excellent idea, Dan, as it will sit on prime real estate: 06880 (+) –Thank you!

  4. Great idea, and very civic-minded of you, Dan!

  5. Rindy Higgins

    great idea, Doug…it’s what Westport Now should be and isn’t so it will fill the community gap..thanks!

  6. Pam Barkentin

    Thanks, Dan. Looks like 06880+ will be a very useful community service!

  7. Cathy Romano

    Thanks for doing this with Dylan. I know first hand about your no. I tried to post an explanation to something you posted and you said no. 06880+ is a wonderful way to respond to 06880 and a wonderful public service. Thank you Dylan Diamond. This will be a wonderful public service.

  8. Mary Ann West

    Brilliant in every way!

    I’m guilty of sending you items that have already received publicity on other platforms, this gives non-profits and others another outlet to publish their events.

  9. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    Dan, this is wonderful!

    How does one post… do we send the text to you?

    Many thanks.

    Best, Jaclyn


    • Just click on the box underneath the header photo (of National Hall) on “06880+” that says “New Post,” then fill out the info.

  10. but my cat is really cute…………..

  11. Uh-oh…I hope you haven’t opened a can of worms,as my old mother used to say…so with that in mind I’ll wish you the very best and good luck -just don’t abandon your “06880” buddies

  12. Very nice. Hope the grown ups use it judiciously.

  13. Sharon Paulsen

    Cool! I love this idea!

    I suppose ya gotta watch out that it doesn’t become too Craig’s-list-y or trolled?

  14. Lynne Betts Baker

    Dan Woog you are brilliant. Many thks to Dylan also. Can’t wait to start using it.

  15. For many years we relied upon our local newspapers to keep us up on all things Westport –The Town Crier, The Westport News, the Fairpress, the Minuteman, The Norwalk Hour, and the Bridgeport Post. We also had a Westport radio station which broadcast daily from a studio above Oscar’s Deli. Even the New York Times included a Section about Connecticut in the Sunday Times.
    Now that the publishers of the two surviving Westport newspapers are based in places as far away as Albany, the formerly close connection to the local readership has been stretched to the fraying point. With fewer and thinner editions,offered, readership has dwindled resulting in fewer and thinner editions. Were it not for the imperative of published legal notices and the columns written by familiar local contributors, if these newspapers stopped printing would anyone even notice?
    Fortunately, Internet publications like WestportNow have stepped in to fill the news void. But the publisher’s strict and laudable adherence to the highest code of journalistic integrity, doesn’t provide us with the dishy tidbits we once looked forward to in weekly columns like “Jeanne’s Scene”.
    Enter Dan Woog’s brainchild “06880” – a garam masala report of timely news events, local issues in need of air, observations of the best and the worst of our behaviors, celebrations of our successes, and homages to those that we have lost.
    For the many of us who often think we have the best ideas for an “06880” piece,(this writer included) only to be politely turned away when the subject goes beyond Dan’s purpose for the blog — Today, a birth announcement for a service designed for Westporters wherever they may live, of a venue for topics important to us, but of limited interest to others..

    “Salute a cent’anno to Dan and 06880+.