Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #82

Okay, I know: Last week’s photo challenge was too easy.

It took Julie Fatherley all of 6 minutes to note that the mannequin dressed in Army fatigues can be found outside the Liberty Army & Navy store. She was followed in rapid succession by Edward Bloch, Leslie Wolf, Matt Murray, Anthony Palmer, Rebecca Wolin, Fred Rubin, Susan Schmidt and Erik Østbye.

Congratulations to all. Sorry if it was too simple. (Click here to see the photo.)

This week’s challenge — courtesy of Patricia McMahon — is very, very cool. Click “Comments” if you know where this photo (from 2 nights ago) was taken.

Oh My 06880 -- July 24, 2016

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)


28 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #82

  1. Adam Stolpen

    winslow park

  2. Bobbie Herman

    The cemetery on Kings Highway North?

  3. Michael Moore

    Winslow Dog Park

  4. Peggy O'Halloran

    Winslow Park, N Compo Rd

  5. The entrance to Winslow Park on Compo Rd North

  6. Winslow Park across from daughter Brooke area kind of in the curve North compo

  7. Dorian Barth

    The Compo entrance to Winslow park

  8. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Spectacular sky!

  9. Shirlee Gordon

    Winslow park

  10. Yes, it’s the Compo Road North entrance to Winslow Park, opposite East Main Street (short road behind CVS shopping center). And yes, it is a spectacular photo!

  11. Robin Welling

    Winslow Park

  12. Molly Alger

    Winslow Park entrance off North Compo.

  13. Entrance to Winslow Park from Compo Road North

  14. Sally Korsh

    The Compo Road gate at the dog park

  15. Deborah McCarthy

    How many people remember Westport Sanitarium on this property? I remember seeing many of the patients walking around on the property.

  16. Michael Calise

    They still might be!

  17. Ann Marie Flynn

    Michael your the greatest….cool reply.

  18. Jennifer Piseck

    Winslow Park!

  19. Vanessa Bradford

    Winslow park

  20. Elayne Landau

    Winslow park

  21. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Like Deborah and Michael I would have said, North Compo and the Westport Sanitarium . I do remember the patients walking around and most of us kids considered it sort of creepy. …then.

  22. Lynne Betts Baker

    Looking onto the dog park from N Compo . Beautiful shot.

  23. Nancy Hunter

    Isn’t that Daphne du Maurier hiding in the background?
    Superb photo!

  24. Erik Ostbye

    Entrance to the cementary off Kings Highway North.

    Brgds Erik Ostbye

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  25. Susan Hopkins

    Wow !

  26. Carissa Baker

    Did that used to be the Sanitarium property?