Droning Over Compo

David Pogue lost his drone.

Brandon Malin still has his. The other day, he took it to Compo Beach.

His photos  — 2 long-range views of Westport’s iconic shore — are spectacular. So is his tighter shot of South Beach.

This weekend will be hot — mid-90s — and clear. It’s perfect beach weather.

Whether you’re headed to Compo or wish you lived close enough to Westport to go, enjoy Brandon’s photos.

Compo Beach drone 2 - July 2016 - Brandon Malin

Compo Beach drone - July 2016 - Brandon Malin

Click on or hover over photos to enlarge.

Click on or hover over photos to enlarge.

Fun fact: Brandon is a rising 8th grader at Coleytown Middle School. “06880” will joyfully run his drone shots for years to come.


14 responses to “Droning Over Compo

  1. Rindy Higgins

    Brandon, good for you…great photos! Good use of your science skills! Congrats from your 6 th grade science substitute teacher Ms Higgins!

  2. Michelle Benner

    While these are beautiful and compelling photos, again, the last thing I would want during a relaxing day at the beach is someone’s drone flying over mine and my children’s heads. Truly an invasion of public peace snd safety. Why not use the drone when the beach is barely populated, such as early in the morning?

  3. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    These are fantastic Brandon. The middle one is my favorite but all three are truly wonderful. They are taken from an altitude that could hardly be considered an invasion of privacy.

    • Michelle Benner

      I agree. I never mentioned privacy. I’m talking about an invasion of peace, as in peace of mind. And safety. As in I don’t want these things, being operated by amateurs, flying over our heads because what if they fall out of the sky or are mishandled and cause injury and damage.

  4. Brandon Malin

    Thank you everyone for your compliments. I’m happy you enjoy the photos!

  5. On Aug. 31 there will be a presentation on how science is using drones to study whales–unobtrusively and non-invasively. (I saw on the news last night that a whale was spotted at the NY end of the Sound(!))

    Save the Sound (Ocean Alliance) and Westport Library will hold the event at the Sherwood Island Nature Center (light refreshments).

    (Note that there is no drone flying on Sherwood Island, outside of the landing strip area–and for that you can easily register.)

  6. Nancy Hunter

    Call me old fashioned but from the comfort of my terrace (with my aforementioned Bernie Revolution Beer) the sight and sound of a float plane flying overhead, traveling with people somewhere north and west, is preferred over a silent drone just flying because it can.

  7. It’s always nice to see the drone images from my home town.

  8. I just noticed a complaint about ‘privacy’. Regarding these images, how could anyone complain about privacy? There are no recognizable people and this is a public beach where those who go will be seen by others. If afraid to be seen, stay at home in your living room.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      No one above complained about privacy. Only concerns of safety…
      “open the pod bay doors, HAL”

  9. Where’s Waldo?

  10. I wonder if Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com will ever see his dream of “drones will become as common as seeing a mail truck”. , come true.

  11. Don L. Bergmann

    There of course are questions about where drones should be permitted, which includes both where the drone is located, e.g. 20 feet above a pristine park space, and where the operator of the drone is located. So far, the only problem I have witnessed are drones close to the ground as well as landing on the grounds at Winslow Park. I also do not like the noise of low level drones while I am at or near our beaches. I believe our Parks & Rec. Comm. will be addressing the matter if the presence of drones starts to become more common. Meanwhile, the photographs are lovely. Don Bergmann