Guess Who Came To Dinner At Bridgewater Tonight?

A) Donald Trump
B) Hillary Clinton
C) Barack Obama
D) The Chinese Olympic swim team


13 responses to “Guess Who Came To Dinner At Bridgewater Tonight?

  1. Jonathan McClure

    D. Chinese Olympic swim team

  2. Mary Palmieri Gai

    Swim team

  3. Polly TempleI'm

    Swim tem would be my guess

  4. Certainly NOT any of the taxpayers concerned that our virtually insolvent state gave $22 million to Bridgewater, supposedly to increase employment in CT– only to learn a few weeks that the company has stopped hiring, and may in fact, reduce the size of its work force.

  5. Yep, from the movie clip it’s clear it’s Rio.

  6. Rob Simmelkjaer

    I’m thinking Hillary.

  7. Nancy Hunter

    Wow. A good speech writer could use this and never be caught.
    Like the Russians.

  8. Laurel Sheck

    Duh. Swim team. No significant taxpayer dollars spent.

  9. The Chinese Swim team- They are training at Swim 70 in Norwalk – getting acclimated to the time zone (Rio is one hour difference- China 16). I was picking up my daughter’s friend and chatted with the coaches. Welcome to America!

  10. The Chinese Swim team

  11. Adam Schwartz

    Is this the same Chinese Swim Team accused of doping on and off for the past 30 years, or another Chinese Swimming Team?

  12. Ronnie Hammer

    Chinese American swim team

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