Basketball Blues End Soon

It’s been a while since there was a hoops game at Compo.

But the reconstruction of the 2 basketball courts is nearly complete. This was the scene yesterday:

Basketball court - Compo

The courts have a long history. The first one — built in the late 1950s — was the brainchild of Albie Loeffler and Paul Lane. The Staples High School basketball head and assistant coach, respectively, saw the court as a way to keep their players active in the off-season — and a way to run a Fairfield County league for the Wreckers and their foes.

The court became a community effort. Gault and Kowalsky donated materials and labor.

The 2nd court was built later. It’s been a year-round favorite for generations of basketball players, of all ages.

And even more generations of Canada geese.

5 responses to “Basketball Blues End Soon

  1. I remember in the mid-’60s playing hoops in bare feet there all summer in between shifts as a Compo lifeguard. Ouch!

  2. We played lots of summer basketball there. Many evenings with Wachob, Lillis, Keate, Prutting, and lots of others.

  3. Roger Kaufman

    Dan Looking forward to seeing you next weekend at the reunion event Friday night music and Saturday if you’re going to make that one should be big fun.

    By the way..Paul Gambaccini regretfully cannot make the events as he has new projects that prevent him from being here much to his disappointment… Roger

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  4. Charlie Taylor

    Remember games there as a lifeguard.. Some dunking was done!!!

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  5. Fred Cantor

    I have great memories from the mid-70s playing on a summer league team in the evening led by the incomparable Adam Gross, who was dubbed “Dr. A.” We had an early version of the boom box and our pre-game warmup song was “Hollywood Swinging” by Kool & Gang. We were in a real groove as we went through our layup line. Unfortunately, that “groove” didn’t last long into the games as we were underdogs against taller teams in almost every game. But we had a blast nonetheless.