Happy Birthday, America!

4th of july

(Photo/Matthew Levine)

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

4 responses to “Happy Birthday, America!

  1. Happy Happy Happy B’Day Dan! You truly have the Gift of Talent, Awareness , & Compassion. Myself & ‘All’ are better Peeps having you share what you Know. Enjoy the day Dan & Everyday! Just one of your #1 fans.

    Billy Senia💙

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  2. David Pogue

    Um… that is NOT the crowd density I remember from Thursday night!… 🙂

  3. PatriciaMcMahon

    I took the photo, and live on
    Danbury ave.
    It’s the first time in yrs our little section was not jam packed with bodies.
    Best night viewing the fireworks in a
    long time .
    Happy 4th to all