You Know It’s Fireworks Night When…

…spots are already reserved at 8 a.m.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

6 responses to “You Know It’s Fireworks Night When…

  1. No. That’s left over from 2015!

  2. Mary Ruggiero

    Gosh, I’d better drive over now and stake out my claim!

  3. Jill Greenberg

    ….and not the worst. Last year there was a beach mcmansion with two tents, one for food and one for relaxing. The mcmansion is back, as wasteful and gluttonous as ever. Last year, no-one was even under those tents that took up so much precious viewing space, they were mingling, playing with kids, etc. Rarely did anyone ponder over the feast that was laid out. The chairs, now not under a tent, but still take up a huge amount of play and walking space all day long, while the mcmansion owners are elsewhere. Essentially, though the beach closes at 4:00, it is already closed to ordinary recreation. Is there nothing we can do about this? Though having fireworks in June is odd, the mcmansion thing really takes the community feel out of the event.

  4. Jerry MacDaid

    Because Greenwich, Norwalk and Fairfield do not use their fireworks as a fundraiser so have no need to clear the beaches for people that paid. Of course some other towns, like Bridgeport, did their fireworks last weekend. Maybe Westport could have done them on June 24th or July 8th to avoid both the “work then next day” as well as the “no weekend fireworks” issues?

  5. Jeff Arciola

    People like Dan Miller are the reason why me and my wife who were 4 generations in Westport got out of town. So we all should feel bad because Dan has to work and his daughter gets up early. Thanks to all who contribute to put the fireworks on. You can’t make all these New York westporters happy. Thanks to Melissa and Doug who are old time westporters for doing what you do. And to Dan. Get your nose out of the air