Staples Grad Nominated As Ambassador To Malaysia

Kamala Lakhdhir is in line to be an ambassador.

President Obama has named the 1980 Staples High School graduate as the next US Ambassador to Malaysia. The multi-ethnic, multicultural nation is an economic powerhouse of Asia.

A career member of the Foreign Service, Lakhdhir served as executive assistant to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 2011-15. For 2 years before that, she was US Consul General in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

She previously worked as director of the Office of Maritime Southeast Asia; special assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; political officer at the US Embassy in Beijing; on US House of Representatives committees and subcommittees, and as a political officer in Indonesia and a consular officer in Saudi Arabia.

Kamala Lakhdhir

Kamala Lakhdhir

Lakhdhir received a BA from Harvard College, and an MS from the National War College.

Her “diplomatic missions” date back to her Westport days. In the mid-1970s — during her Bedford Junior High School days — Lakhdhir supported a girl in Bangladesh, through Save the Children. She did it by giving up half her allowance.

Inspired, Lakhdhir visited the youngster — bringing frisbees, super balls and other tiny gifts to the village.

Her latest appointment must be confirmed by the  US Senate.

(Hat tip: Dan Kail)

5 responses to “Staples Grad Nominated As Ambassador To Malaysia

  1. how cool is this!!!

  2. Mary Ann West

    Congratulations! Now we need to make sure the Senate doesn’t screw this up.

  3. Jill Nash von Schmidt

    Congratulations, Kamala! How exciting! I’ve long ago lost touch with her, but remember her from elementary school! She was always so sweet & I remember she was the one who taught me how to play mancala!

    Best of luck on becoming ambassador! I pray all goes well for you! 😊💜

  4. Wow.. such a distinction!! I hope you zoom through the confirmation process!!

  5. Wendy Newton

    Could it be that I remember her parents?! Did I buy all my clothes at their beautiful shop? Am I making this up?