Fred Cantor Grants Staples A Special Gift

All year long, Staples Tuition Grants raises money for scholarships.

Tonight, they give it away.

Staples Tuition Grants new logoOver 100 students — soon-to-be graduates as well as alumni from the past 4 years — will receive $300,000 in college aid.

The ceremony is low-key, but warm and inspiring.

And very, very important. Contrary to myth, there is plenty of need right here in Westport.

Fred Cantor did not receive an STG grant when he graduated from Staples in 1971. He no longer has formal ties to the school; he’s just a proud alum.

But the longtime Westporter is eager to give back. Recently, he found a unique way to do so.

For the 1970s on, he’s taken photos of iconic Westport scenes. Now he’s licensed 5 of them to STG: Main Street with Remarkable Book Shop; Fairfield Furniture and the Saugatuck River; Fine Arts Theater; Longshore’s main entrance, and Railroad Place.

They’re displayed on gift items like luggage tags, coffee mugs, magnets, note cards and tote bags. They’re on sale to the public — with all profits going to the scholarship organization.

Actually, they’ll go to one specific fund: the STG award named after Chou Chou Merrill. The 1970 grad reveled in her childhood and youth here — the memories she shared, the friendships she nurtured, the opportunities she was given. She died in 2014.

A luggage tag, with an image of the Longshore entrance.

A luggage tag, with an image of the Longshore entrance.

Fred says that the photos and souvenirs are a perfect way for Westporters, current and spread around the globe, to show their affection for this town. And help a great cause.

How generous of Fred — an avid “06880” reader — to think of Staples Tuition Grants in this way.

How fitting that he’s chosen Chou Chou’s scholarship to be the recipient of his generosity.

Now all you have to do is click here for a great Fred Cantor-themed/Westport-style/STG-assisting souvenir. (NOTE: More items will be added soon!)

(The public is invited to today’s Staples Tuition Grants ceremony [Thursday, June 9, 5:30 p.m. in the Staples library]. To donate to Staples Tuition Grants, click here.) 

all feature Fred Cantor's photos of Westport.

Luggage tags, coffee mugs, magnets, note cards and tote bags feature Fred Cantor’s photos of Westport. Fairfield Furniture is now back to its original name: National Hall.

11 responses to “Fred Cantor Grants Staples A Special Gift

  1. Doug Fincher

    Nice. Thanks for all the support Dan. You are a Westport treasure.

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  2. Fred Cantor

    Thanks for publicizing this. And many thanks to Lee Saveliff and Kate Andrews at STG, who have put the time and effort into setting up the online gift shop at Zazzle and making this happen.

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Fred, you are amazing! I was a recipient of a Staples Tuition Grant in 1969. I was very thankful to have that and never ever expected to get one.

  4. They look great . Is there “STG” written on each item ?

    • Fred Cantor

      Yes, I believe that tag or logo will be placed on each of the items they make available for sale, thanks.

  5. Karen Huppi Vail

    What a wonderful idea, thank you Fred Cantor, for offering all of us who love our childhood home and live far away, and for growing a fund that honors a beautiful friend who we miss very much.

  6. Bart Shuldman

    Dan-bought a luggage tag-very nice. Unfortunately the service that is used for buying and shipping charges almost $6.00 for shipping a $10 item.

    I hope this does not stop anyone from buying. Seems a bit extreme. I look forward to getting the one I ordered.

    • Werner Liepolt

      The late Sidney Kramer was for a time my agent. Once I delivered a piece that was scheduled to go to a publisher. I had written enthusiastically but hadn’t proofread. He called me, and he insisted I read this piece and every single piece I would ever write out loud to myself. It would be an understatement to admit that he was right.

    • Fred Cantor

      Bart, first of all, thanks for buying an item and helping to support the Chou Chou Merrill Memorial Award given by the Staples Tuition Grants committee.

      The shipping fee does seem relatively high for one item but buyers can, in theory, order multiple items such as two magnets and a mug and pay close to that same shipping fee you paid for the single item.

      In any event, this was set up as a no-risk venture for the STG. They incur no costs whatsoever. In other words, they pay no costs for manufacturing shipping, etc and simply reap royalties (which the STG sets) on each item sold. Zazzle handles the manufacturing and shipping process (and thus Zazzle sets the shipping fees).

      I believe the STG also checked out CafePress as another possible way of doing this (again as a no-risk online retail outlet type).

      If you have another way of doing this as a no-risk venture by the STG, I’m sure they would be open to any suggestions. (And, please bear in mind, the STG is an all-volunteer organization.). Thanks again.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Fred. Thanks for the reply. I now understand why the shipping costs are somewhat high. Glad Zazzle was able to do this and hope others join in and buy something. Truly a great cause.

        Maybe someone reading this who is involved with Internet selling can add a suggestion. In the meantime I do hope others buy something.

  7. Fred Cantor

    Just as a follow-up, I wanted to let “06880” readers know that the STG has the online store completely set for now with a variety of new items added. They would certainly make for a nice gift if you’re visiting any expat Westporters this summer. (Or if you want to bring Dan a thank-you gift at the annual “06880” party!) And you’ll be contributing to a great cause. Thanks.