Happy Trails!

Alert — and environmentally conscious — “06880” reader Gene Borio reports:

Westport should be proud!

Sherwood Island State Park’s participation in CT Trails Day was spectacular this year. Connecticut held the largest number of events of any state — by far —  on National Trails Day this past weekend (a nationwide celebration of trails of all kind).

On Saturday, Sherwood Island held probably the widest variety of “trails” in the country. Participants followed them by air, land and sea. Attendees learned about archaeology, ornithology, zoology, history, aerodynamics–and just plain had a lot of fun in the sun.

Not too many Westporters spend a lot of time at the state park in our back yard.

Even if it does lead the nation in the very important category of trail events.

Friends of Sherwood Island sponsored this weekend's Trails Day.

Friends of Sherwood Island sponsored this weekend’s Trails Day.

For more photos of the event, click here.

4 responses to “Happy Trails!

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Nice t-shirts! Perhaps, to promote environmental consciousness throughout North America, we could swap shirts (as rowers do). I’d be happy to send a “Friends of Burns Bog” (Delta, B.C.) for a “Friends of Sherwood Island”.
    Imagine the questions/interest we’d get!

    Keep up your Trails Day celebrations!

    • Sharon Paulsen

      That would be a cool idea Nancy!

      You should consider a startup online campaign for that!

      Call it: “Trade T’s For Causes”).

      (You’re welcome. I’m here all week).

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        Sharon, that’s good to know since we are all in the same “boat”, borders or not. How I despise borders!

        Too bad, though, that “Burns Bog” doesn’t have the same ring as “Sherwood Island”… maybe a “Forest” cause somewhere between us?

        Cheers! Sante! Cin cin! … Opa!

  2. Gene Borio

    I don’t know, Nancy, BB has it’s own special caché. As soon as I saw “Burns Bog,” I thought, wow, where’s THAT?! I want to go!

    And it has friends?? Count me in!

    Certainly BB has a much better ring than “Aspetuck Land Trust”–though that “10,000 square-foot natural playground” looks really, really fun! Got that in my sights too–