Arrivederci, Acqua

Acqua’s 20-year run is ending.

The last day for the popular Main Street Mediterranean restaurant is  June 18 30.

“We couldn’t come to terms on our lease,” a representative said this afternoon.

Score another one for Westport landlords.



19 responses to “Arrivederci, Acqua

  1. Ellen Peck

    Oh dear, they have been a “main”stay, literally…! Who is the landlord?

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    We loved that place:(

  3. Robert Mitchell

    How many months of an empty ren5tal space does it take to offset whatever the rent increase might have been?

  4. Uh oh. Poor Shea.


  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh jeez, what a shame. I remember that place in the later 1990’s.

  6. Cathy Fine

    Another one

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  7. Stephanie Mastocciolo

    So sad to see you go Acqua…. Best Parmesan encrusted halibut ever!!

  8. William Adler

    Loved this place – especially downstairs and outdoors… many happy memories there. File this under Manero’s, Mario’s et al… Westport restaurants that never should have closed…

  9. Merri Mueller

    Westport landlords are destroying this town! We might as well just be Greenwich.

  10. Dawn Collins

    So, another “mall store/eatery” for the formerly charming Main Street ? So sad.

  11. Robin Scarella

    It has always been a great place to go for what 20 years. Once again those prickly greedy Westport landlords drain all th good stuff out. How can you turn the tide?

  12. Jens Buettner

    I agree, from the quality of the kitchen it’s not a great loss.
    What’s really annoying are the greedy Westport landlords, it is awful to see how many stores and spaces are empty and not rented in “downtown” and along the Post Road….and how many places are opening to close after a short period of time.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Jens. I am not sure it is a Westport Landlord or an out of town landlord. We went last night as it is one of our favorite places. From what we heard it appears the landlord is not local.

      Maybe with the Bedford Square development they can find a spot.

      In the meantime they have a restaurant in Norwalk just one exit down the Merritt which basically has the same style menu.

  13. Matt Murray

    From memory: The first restaurant there was called “Rosebuds.” Owned by three brothers from Weston with the last name of Rosen. All circa of the mid-seventies. I’ve tried using the town clerk look up but can’t find a match (probably an LLC of some sort). Lots of local bands played on the roof top.

    The current owner is “WINWEST 3351 MAIN LLC” and “WIN PROPERTIES INC” out of Rye Brook, NY. Bought for $24.2 MM in April 2007.

    • Wasn’t that also Mark’s Place (disco)? And/or Pancho Villa’s?

      • Matt Murray

        Mark’s (entrance) was on Main Street on the south side of the tunnel. He was another scam (like soliciting magazine subscriptions) where he told the local “youth” that he was creating a place for them and would they like to help with the work? Once finished he got a liquor license and those underage could no longer enjoy the fruits of their labors. I believe Mark’s was in the property of 35 Main Street.

  14. Michelle Titlebaum

    Always had great service and food was always very good. Will miss it.

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    Was Mark’s Place there in the 70’s? I have vague recollections of it. Maybe early 80’s?