Not Quite What We Mean By “Go Green”

This was the scene Sunday afternoon, in Parker Harding Plaza:

(Photo/Christine Barth)

(Photo/Christine Barth)

Yes, Sunday afternoon. May 21, 2016.

It was not the height of the Christmas shopping season. The lot was not filled to overflowing. There were spots available (including — look closely — one just a few feet ahead, next to the burgundy vehicle).

Note the sticker:  “Attitude of Gratitude.” The driver is grateful, apparently, for the chance to park anywhere he or she wants.

That’s quite an attitude!

17 responses to “Not Quite What We Mean By “Go Green”

  1. Marty Bell

    Keep these coming. Maybe enough of us will know the difference between right and wrong. BTW. Do the WPT Police read your blog?

  2. Jessica Tracy

    Parking is atrocious in downtown Westport. I literally drive to the dreaded mall to avoid downtown shopping. I don’t blame this person at all for parking there!!

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    “Ohio Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians”?

  4. Rachel Zibelman

    I think we’ve all seen enough photos of bad parking in Westport.
    How about everyone focus on driving safely! I’ve never been in so many “close calls” in my life since I moved here because people won’t get off their phones while they drive!

    • Alex Kuhner

      Just what I was thinking! Parking violations are easier to capture than moving violations, but moving is worse. Last week at rt33 and post road (north bound) I stopped fairly quickly for the yellow because it’s too short and I don’t like being in the intersection when it’s red. I checked my mirrors to see if I was stopping to quick for the guy behind me – sure was, he calmly went around me, over the double yellow, and through the intersection. It was red before he even got next to me. I’m a tall SUV so maybe he couldn’t see the light, but one can guess that’s why I’m stopping.

      There’s also a woman whom I’ve seen run red lights three separate times on rt33 on the way to the 752am train. Yes, three. And she knows who she is, she’s heard me telling other commuters about it on the platform.

      I’m Thinking of getting an always-on dash camera for the day one of these people causes an accident (like the ones the Russians get all those crazy videos with… Put “Russian dash cam” in YouTube and you’ll see we are actually quite good drivers in Westport!). These are always on so they are not a distraction- an impact or the press of one button saves the last and next 5 minutes of video.

  5. Eric Burns

    Nice shot of license plate!

  6. Clearly, he parked there because there was no curb with deadly sharp corners to driver over.

  7. Ann Marie Flynn

    Hey! Think I found a way to exercise my lungs……a good laugh will do it all the time……thanks Mr./Mrs./Ms. Driver….where ever you are.

  8. Jill Turner Odice

    I was thinking the same thing as Marty Bell . I mean, if that isn’t proof of a parking violation….Just think of all the money the Westport police could make from tickets for all the entitled dopes…

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Perhaps the damage on the bumper/light will explain the predicament?

  10. Sam Wilson Tulupman


  11. Jeff Shikowitz

    Wonder what category this drive falls under…