Snowbirds Return!

One of the surest signs of spring is the return of the snowbirds: Westporters who spend winters in Florida, and the rest of the year “home.”

How do we know they’re back?

Alert “06880” reader Dick Stein spotted 3 carriers the other day at the I-95 commuter parking lot near Sherwood Island.

2 of the 3 car carriers. (Photo/Dick Stein)

2 of the 3 car carriers. (Photo/Dick Stein)

Nearly all of the cars, he says, had Florida plates.

Wesport and Florida are 2 places with notoriously bad drivers. Hauling all those vehicles 1,500 miles is a very good thing.

2 responses to “Snowbirds Return!

  1. Many of those cars , are lease returns .. They are generally picked up by car haulers , when the cars are requested out of state

  2. As a residential Realtor here in Naples, FL., we’re happy to see those carriers return in October… What makes driving in Florida crazy is due to the fact that we have so many different driving cultures on the road. Every area of the country has a different driving tempo. Southwest Florida has become a favorite 2nd home destination to the Northeast in the past 10-15 years–but has been a long-time destination for those states along the I-75 corridor (KY, OH, IL, MI, WI, MN, western PA, etc.) Add to that folks visiting from Canada, UK, France & Germany. Get all those different tempos on the road together equals chaos. (CT drivers have always criticize MA drivers.) This traffic stew is probably unique to our state of FL. UBER has become very popular here during high season!