I-95 Graffiti: The Sequel

Yesterday, “06880” posted photos of a less-than-stellar job the state did removing graffiti from the Sasco Creek Bridge over I-95.

Not far away, there’s some more they completely missed.

Alert reader Seth Schachter says that this handiwork has been up for several months, at the I-95 Maple Lane underpass:

Maple Lane - Seth Schachter

So, readers, which is worse: This stuff, or the paint job on Sasco Creek?

8 responses to “I-95 Graffiti: The Sequel

  1. Barbara Sherburne '67

    The paint job on Sasco Creek.

  2. Bobbie Herman

    I think it shows a high degree of creativity.

  3. Jerry MacDaid

    Yes, the penises are particularly creative.

  4. It is a toss up.

  5. Ann Marie Flynn

    The paint job on Sasco Creek is really, really bad and shows no creativity…not very inspiring. Van Gogh’s work will forever be sacred.

  6. Peter Blau

    As I recall, back in our H.S. and college years, graffiti was seen as an art form by the NY literati. (No rhyme intended.) So who are we to scoff at these budding young Keith Harings? (Or the middle aged Mark Rothkos working for DOT, for that matter!)