No Trespassing At Nyala!

Alert “06880” reader — and open space lover — Eric Bosch sent this photo of Nyala Farm — the well-hidden-from-view office complex between the Sherwood Island Connector and Greens Farms Road, off I-95 Exit 18:

Nyala Farm

He writes:

I thought you, like many of your readers, might question the need for these threatening signs (“No Trespassing/Violators Will Be Prosecuted”). Having lived here since 1963, I can’t ever remember  seeing anything but turkeys, deer, and an occasional hawk perched up on the roof.

Perhaps soon we might also see barbed-wire and a “huge great, great wall” also. A very sad loss indeed.

Nyala Farm is, of course, home to one of Bridgewater’s offices. I’m sure the world’s largest hedge fund has more security than this $1.99 sign.

25 responses to “No Trespassing At Nyala!

  1. Knowing the track record of the hedge fund business, it’s far more likely that “traders will be prosecuted.” I do think a concertina wire fence, and maybe a guard tower or two, would add a little atmosphere, though.

    • Do you know who owns the property? I would think it is the owner who would have put up the signs.

      • Peter Blau

        BLT (Building & Land Technology) bought the Nyala complex for $130 million in 2014. They are the same developers that were going to build a new Stamford HQ for Bridgewater, until the hedge fund decided not to proceed with that deal. It is unclear if the BLT purchase is connected with any Bridgewater plans to move more people into Nyala.

  2. I’m sure DAN will ask the company to comment before all the hate and speculation has time to fester.

  3. Bridgewater sn’t the only company at Nyala

  4. i prefer to remember Nyala in the 40s and early 50s, with Mr. E.T. himself driving the sulky round the track. that hiway/freeway ruined it all. finished off
    that way of life for many, rich and poor.

  5. Jerry MacDaid

    Is the sign new? Seems to me I’ve seen signs there before.

  6. Eric E Bosch

    Yes, all 6 signs were newly installed last week. Personally, I’ll leave the “hate” to others Jeff. My emotion, as I stated, was sad. Yes, I question the judgement of those who thought these threatening signs are necessary/justified to spoil the view.

    • Sorry, I wasn’t referring to your post as hateful. I was anticipating the anti-hedge fund crowd. I too have been here since the early 50’s and am always sad as open space disappears. The town was very lucky to have had this property developed with so much sensitivity.

  7. John Karrel

    No visible sign, five minutes ago.

  8. Eric E Bosch

    Its nice too see that good judgment prevailed. Correct, the signs have been removed. Thank you Dan for wheeling true power. Thank you Nyala for retuning the beauty. Perpahs this will motivate others to say something, if you see something.

  9. Sandy Soennichsen

    No signs there half an hour ago, but hey, it is private property and trespassers should be prosecuted. Same as if you came on my property uninvited, I’d call the police also. Remember, IT’S NOT YOUR PROPERTY.

    • Werner Liepolt

      It may not be “our” property, Sandra,but it was developed under DDD zoning under agreements with surrounding property owners. It may be the Greens Farms Association can provide useful information

      • Sandy Soennichsen

        Um Werner, I AM NOT FEMALE, so I really resent your comment. And the GFA has been so ineffectual the past few years they should just disband (and I live in their neighborhood). Haven’t seen any of them in years.

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    This is way off topic (something I seem to be good at!) but imagine coming home in the middle of the day to find people peering into your house? When confronted, the pair pretend not to understand English, that is until one notices the “Beware of Dog” sign and panics! When the home owner threatens to call the police the pair scurry up the street, looking anxiously behind, not for a dog but for their daughter. The home owner finds her peering into windows in back of the house and confronts her. The daughter, who speaks very good English, explains that if the home owner was interested her father had “lots of money” in the trunk of his car (parked up the street) for a down payment on a house. The home owner says “no thank you”, explains our trespassing and real estate laws, and is glad she has the “Beware of Dog” sign (even though she has no dog).

  11. The town didn’t ask that to be public open space when they changed to zoning laws for them? It’s really a town treasure where birders often see passing migratory species. In addition, it’s too bad that no one prevented CL&P from putting up a dense ring of powerlines and poles. – Chris Woods

  12. What are they hiding? I can render goin thru the old barn and playing in the property in 1957 or 8. Isn’t a preserve open to the public?

  13. I miss the cows.

  14. Sandy Soennichsen is correct about this being private property. The 22.5 acres of open space is owned and maintained by BLT and has numerous tenants, including Bridgewater Associates. The Greens Farms Association was instrumental in negotiating many constraints on this development when it originally was constructed as the headquarters of Stauffer Chemical back in the 70’s. Preservation of historic structures, the 22.5 acres of open space to be maintained as open fields, underground parking, height limitations and more are elements documented in that permit. Over the years a number of modifications have been made to the original permit(s). The most significant change has been to convert it from single tenant to a multi-tenant office complex with a limited increase in the underground parking.

    The Greens Farms Association continues to monitor any additional requests for site modifications. We have the most complete history of site permits and modifications gathered over the years, short of the property owners themselves. It would take hours of research to comb this history out of the Planning and Zoning archives. I’d like to offer this as a counter to the comment that the Greens Farms Association has not been involved. I’d be happy to review this with anyone who is interested.

    I am not sure what precipitated the need for the signs but will try to find out.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

  15. An additional tidbit. The photo beginning this post shows the “wishing well”. While it’s not documented specifically in the permits, it was one of the historic structures we pushed to have preserved in the original negotiations!

  16. Stacy Prince

    I hope the owners of the property understand how anyone, being only human and seeing such beautiful green space, is drawn to it. The land itself invites picnics, exploration (think birders or kids), or (ahem) dog walking.

    I hope members of the public can see how these types of use can be problematic for a landowner — creating unwanted trails, waste problems, and liability issues.

    I love driving by Nyala Farms, and am so grateful the vista was preserved for the whole town’s visual enjoyment.