UPDATE — Fatal Car Crash Closes Post Road

UPDATE: Westport Police say that Harry Engel, 83, of Westport was killed in this morning’s 3-vehicle crash on Post Road East, in front of the fire station

A preliminary investigation found that a westbound vehicle crossed into the eastbound lane, creating a head on collision with 2 vehicles. The operators of the eastbound vehicles were not injured.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation.  No charges have been filed at this time.


Post Road East from Roseville will be closed from Hillspoint Road to Compo Road for  “an extended period of time” today, following a serious automobile accident in front of the fire station. Drivers are advised to use alternate routes.

The scene in front of the police station, earlier today. (Photo/Daniel Brill)

The scene in front of the police station, earlier today. (Photo/Daniel Brill)

11 responses to “UPDATE — Fatal Car Crash Closes Post Road

  1. Edward Sanford

    Are you sure about specific road closure?

    • Yes – that was my mistake. It’s in front of the fire station, not police station. Story has been changed to reflect my error.

  2. Sara Palmer

    Police station or fire station?

  3. bill boyd (staples 66)

    Im not surprised… i now live in trumbull and find the driving/drivers in westport quite the challenge… rude.. distracted.. aggressive.. just like other towns….. but at a higher level
    Too bad

    • Rumors are there may have been a medical issue involved that caused the accident — not rude/distracting/aggressive driving. I’ll update the story as I learn details.

  4. Nancy Beard

    Whitney street is backed up to East Main and eat Min is backed up with cars trying to turn on to N. Compo to get to the Post Road.

  5. Eileen Fanning

    In front of the fire station? Police station or I that stretch of road

  6. I was one car behind this and saw the entire thing unfold. Very shaken but very glad the two walked away injury free, and very appreciative of the FD and PD swift response. Condolences to the gentleman’s family

  7. Fire Station not Police Station