Westport’s Greatest Parking Job

For years, “06880” has featured mind-blowing, head-scratching, eye-rolling entitled parking photos.

Today we found someone who actually knows how to park between two white lines.

Of course, with this car it’s almost impossible to miss:

BMW Isetta

Alert “06880” photographer Jaime Bairaktaris spotted this 1955 BMW Isetta at Trader Joe’s this evening.

The Italian-designed microcar from 1955 — complete with retro license plate — attracted many onlookers. From the front-opening door and disco ball to the courtesy car sticker, Jaime says, it deserved the attention.

Meanwhile, I’m impressed it made it through the parking lot without being run over.

9 responses to “Westport’s Greatest Parking Job

  1. was jerry seinfeld driving?

  2. and was he having coffee with a comedian?

  3. Jens Buettner

    It’s not an Italian-designed car, it’s a German-designed car, as you said a BMW. 😉

    • Nope — Jaime is right. According to Wikipedia: “The Isetta is an Italian-designed microcar built under license in a number of different countries, including Spain, Belgium, France, Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Because of its egg shape and bubble-like windows, it became known as a bubble car, a name later given to other similar vehicles.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Mini Coopers, while built in Oxford, are now BMW made, i.e. parts.
      Great little cars!

  4. Steve Lunt

    Unfortunately, right across the street, the yin yang of Westport parking raised its ugly head…

  5. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    What a cutie! It reminds me of the Fiat that my grandfather used to drive us around in during the early 1960s!

  6. Ann Marie Flynn

    Going back….quite a bit….in time and the track and field days……this was a favorite of our weight throwers to pick up and repark…..believe it belonged to one of the throwers. He was awed by it all…after he found it.

  7. I’m wondering why he dosent get a ticket for that plate. They have been illegal since 1992. It’s a $75 fine. Westport cops must be really lazy.