Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #71

Who knew the Compo Beach cannons were so rusted and grotty?

Well, Rich Stein, Susan Huppi, J. Wagner, Bonnie Allen, Brandon Malin, James Weisz, Sharon Paulsen and Virginia R. Clark did.

They quickly identified last week’s photo challenge as an unflattering closeup of Westport’s favorite — and one of our most belovedly photographed — landmarks. (Click here for the shot.)

This week’s challenge is a much wider shot. If you think you know where the shot (taken by Peter Tulupman) is, click “Comments” below. Bonus points for the full, official name of the location!

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

17 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #71

  1. Aspetuck river.

  2. David Webster

    I’ll refrain from answering and instead give you a pro-tip to remove the GPS coordinates from photos people send you from iPhones 😉 Although I suppose “cheating” on one of these would be incredibly silly. Nice spot though for sure.

  3. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    Saugatuck River at Leonard Schine Arboretum?

  4. Jill Turner Odice

    The Saugatuck River ? 🙂

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Glendinning area?

  6. Newman Poses Preserve

  7. Richard Stein

    Off of Ford road

  8. Wendy Cusick

    Ford Rd Fishing area …”William ‘Doc’ Skerlick Trout Management Area”

  9. Glendenning

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    If Ford Road, then maybe a view from Bridgewater LLP?

  11. You are all (mostly — sorry Karen!) in the general area. It’s the Leonard Schine Preserve, located off Weston Road next to the Glendinning property (now Bridgewater headquarters). So yeah, it’s in the general area of Ford Road — a wonderful spot. Learn more: http://www.aspetucklandtrust.org/17116


      Fond memories of that beautiful spot. I went swimming there one night after heavy rains, and got swept over and down the waterfall. Scary!

  12. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I used to picnic there! Thought it seemed familiar, and glad it hasn’t changed. While Glendinning immediately came to mind, I admit that I “cheated” by looking up the current name, Bridgewater.

  13. Saugatuck River, off Ford Road, to the right before you go up Ford Hill. The trees are on the Littke Fox Lane side of the River.

  14. Virginia R. Clark

    The woodsy area at Longshore Club Park.

  15. Pond in back of Winslow Park.