Estelle Margolis: A View From The Bridge

Alert “06880” reader — and longtime political activist Estelle Margolis — writes:

I turn 90 years old this Friday (May 6). The next day, I will be back on the Post Road (Ruth Steinkraus Cohen) Bridge. My return is a birthday present to myself.

Many medical issues prevented my being there in 2015. Also, we had no specific message. It seems like the whole world is spinning out of control. We could not find one message for our signs to make sense.

Estelle Margolis in 2012. Every Saturday for years,she was part of an anti-war vigil on the Post Road bridge.

Estelle Margolis in 2012. Every Saturday for years,she was part of an anti-war vigil on the Post Road bridge.

There are currently 9,800 of our troops in Afghanistan. The plan is to reduce this number in half during 2016. It costs $79.4 billion for one year.

I found the perfect poster. It was done in 1969 by Sister Mary Corita to protest the Vietnam War. It says, “War is not healthy for children or other living things.” That universal message is as valid now as it was then.

It is also appropriate to say “Out of Afghanistan and Iraq NOW!”

The mental and physical harm being done to our young women and men in these 2 countries is devastating. 22 vets come home, can’t deal with life as they left it, and commit suicide every day.

I’m sorry I lost a whole year on the bridge. I know what I’m doing does not save one life, but I feel compelled to do it anyway.

Come join me.


17 responses to “Estelle Margolis: A View From The Bridge

  1. Ah, but Now, you will have Sister Corita Kent
    with you, Certainly…
    And what better company??

    Happy Birthday Estelle .

    Betsy Phillips Kahn

  2. Susan Iseman

    God bless you, Estelle – so happy you are back. Happy Birthday and many more!

  3. Michael Calise

    Best of luck to you Estelle you are an amazing Person. It is a terrific gift that we live in a country where we can put our views on the table for all to see

  4. awesome…happy birthday

  5. what an incredible woman

  6. Bobbie Herman

    Happy birthday, Estelle. You are a treasure!

  7. Frank Henrick

    Special 90th birthday, Estelle. You were a special neighbor those years we lived just around the corner on Evergreen Ave. I respect and admire you and the marvelous example you are for so many, me included.

    …from Sarasota

  8. Jo Shields

    Being on the bridge again is a very generous gift for us all — happy 90, Estelle!

  9. Judy Luster

    May the force be with you Estelle. And, Happy Birthday!!!!

  10. love this lady.

  11. Michael & Lisa Stuttman

    Happy Birthday Estelle!

  12. i LOVE you, Estelle. i will be there with you in Spirit ! i HATE war

  13. Thanks, Estelle. You aren’t a quitter. There is much to protest. I hope it is a beautiful sunny day and you will be blessed.
    Alberta Cifolelli

  14. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Your witness is an example for us all. Happy Birthday.

  15. Estelle T. Margolis

    Thanks Dan for your good wishes and for printing my letter. Estelle

  16. Phyllis Herz

    this piece was forwarded to me from a friend who receives the local paper. what a treat to know you are back to action with full passion and love for your cause. you raise our awareness to life’s injustices as well as serve as a role model of how to “repair our world.”
    happy birthday-may it be a year filled with much laughter, many smiles, good health, and many blessings.
    chaplain phyllis (norwalk)

  17. Estelle is an inspiration to us all!!!! Happy Birthday Estelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!