What’s Up, Duck?

In March, I described a duck that was coming to Westport.

A big duck.

The 23-foot high, 15-foot wide, 15-foot long, 260-pound bird was made in China, then shipped through the Panama Canal.

It’s finally here. And fully inflated.

(Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

(Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

The creature promotes Westport Sunrise Rotary‘s Great Duck Race. The 8th annual event — which funds dozens of charities, around the corner and around the world — takes place June 4, in the river next to the Westport Library.

First a crane. Now a duck.

What next will tower over Westport?


3 responses to “What’s Up, Duck?

  1. Wendy Cusick

    This is Awesome! Love it!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Made it China.
    Shipped through the Panama Canal.

    Hmmm, the giant duck is cute, but perhaps if it had been made locally, by inspired artists or students who like “big projects”, this might have made less of a … shall we say … Carbon footprint?

    I dunno why I react negatively to this singular structure (not the post Dan – it’s always fun to see what you drum up), except to say that it kind of makes me sick to think of the process of having this made overseas and shipped via a long route, what with all the devastating environmental impacts of our consumerism.

    Geez, time for a drink by the fire, me thinks, lol. (from a local organic winery, and wood chopped myself, tee hee … gotta keep it real).

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      I support a global economy, but not for ducks! Then again, ducks can fly freely across borders anyway.