Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #70

There are plenty of staircases in Westport.

The ones in last Sunday’s photo challenge could have been the ones leading to the train station from Luciano Park. They weren’t.

They could have been the ones from the Imperial Avenue parking lot to the library and Levitt Pavilion. They weren’t those either — though that’s closer.

The steps shown (click here) can indeed be found at the Imperial lot — but they lead up to the Westport Woman’s Club. Congratulations to Patricia Blaufuss, Julia Whamond, Elaine Marino, Michelle Saunders and Shirlee Gordon — 5 women who know their town well.

How well do you know Westport? If you think you’ve seen the sight below, click “Comments” below.

Oh My 06880 - May 1, 2016

13 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #70

  1. Robert Mitchell

    The railroad underpass over South Compo Road?

  2. Elaine Marino

    A close-up of one of the sculptures on the Library/Riverwalk grounds?

  3. Rich Stein

    Close up of the famed canons of compo beach

  4. Susan Huppi

    The cannons on compo beach!?

  5. Cannons

  6. Yes — the cannons at Compo Beach. A different view! Congratulations, Rich, Susan and J!

  7. Susan Huppi

    Thanks Dan. I have fond memories of playing near them with my sisters when we were growing up in Westport.

  8. Bonnie Allen

    a close-up of somewhere on the cannons at Compo.

  9. I know it has already been answered, but the picture is a close up of the cannons at Compo Beach!

  10. James Weisz

    ?rust on one of the combo beach cannons?

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    This photo is gorgeous, looks more like an oil or acrylic painting… Or a photo from space (global warming?). A great conversation piece!

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    I also thought at first (like Nancy) that it could be an aerial view or satellite (or even drone) pic of perhaps a salt marsh in Westport – but only seconds later I realized, “canons at Compo”! Alas, I was too late for this guessing party.
    You can’t forget that texture after having spent childhood and adult years hanging out on those things!

  13. Virginia R. Clark

    The surface of the cannons at Compo Beach OR the underpass on Compo Road south.