Rock The Vote. Or Not.

Presidential elections are filled with passion and politics.

Presidential primaries, apparently, are not.

This was the scene a couple of hours ago outside the Westport Library, one of our town’s polling places:

Election Day 2016

Several things were noticeably lacking:

  • Candidate signs
  • Candidates (or at least their surrogates)
  • Bake sales
  • Uncertainty.

If pre-primary polling (and our very unscientific “06880” poll) hold up, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should pad their delegate leads nicely, thanks to voters throughout the state — and in Westport.

Wherever they are.

7 responses to “Rock The Vote. Or Not.

  1. Here’s my little primary voting adventure today…


  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    As with each primary, one can’t help but be eager for the results (although a handbook explaining state-by-state rules would indeed be useful!).

    If you care, please vote. Always vote, no matter the office.
    The world is a bit frightened and needs to know that America will be in good hands.


  3. Brian Welker

    Voter turnout would be higher if elections were held on weekends. Not to mention the benefit of an extra day of education for our children.

    • Schools were open, Brian, but you make a good point. Absentee is a good option for people who can’t get there. I missed the bake-sale!!

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Schools were in session yesterday. And elections held on weekends would/could conflict with many religious activities and proscriptions. Tuesday is the best day in an imperfect system.

  4. Susan Iseman

    I voted at the library – it was packed at 4pm. Who is Rocky de la Fuente and why haven’t we been hearing about him- anyone know? I find very little about him on the internet. I saw a trump sign on the way out….

  5. Jack Whittle

    Hope you voted Dan. I did, and it was a healthy turnout for a primary event