Longshore Seaplane: The Sequel

This morning’s post about Westport’s seaplane past brought an instant response from Scott Smith.

And a photo:

Last seaplane - Longshore - from John Kantor

Click on photo to enlarge.

The former chair of Longshore’s 50th anniversary as a town park got the image from John Kantor, longtime owner of Longshore Sailing School.

Scott writes:

John gave me this photo of a seaplane taxiing away from the sailing school dock. He described it as “the last seaplane” that took off from that area. Note the police vessel standing by.

Scott adds that Lucia White — a well-known artist, now in her 90s — told Scott that her brother was a seaplane pilot in the 1930s and ’40s. He once flew one of the Bedford family’s planes to Florida. When he was a few days late reporting back, Lucia’s mother raised a fit with Mrs. Bedford.

2 responses to “Longshore Seaplane: The Sequel

  1. Peter Barlow

    I have some photos – somewhere – of seaplanes coming into the harbor at Compo Beach. It didn’t seem all that unusual at the time. I wonder how many Westporters know that there was once an airport just a little to the west of Westport – the Norwalk Airport, up on West Rocks Road.

  2. Cathy Smith Barnett SHS 66

    The site of the Norwalk Airport on West Rocks Road is now All Saints Catholic School (formerly Central Catholic.)