Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #65

I thought last Sunday’s photo challenge image would draw plenty of ribald comments.

I thought wrong.

It sank like a stone. Only a few people hazarded guesses. Richard Stein, Nathalie Fonteyne and Wendy Cusick all knew it was a closeup of a sculpture in front of the Westport Arts Center, on Riverside Avenue. (Click here to see my flop of a photo challenge.)

Back to the drawing board. If you know where this week’s shot is located, click “Comments” below. As always, add any info about the site you’d like.

Oh, yeah: Happy Easter!

Oh my 06880 - Lynn U Miller

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

29 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #65

  1. Martin Gitlin

    The old Westport Public Library on the Post Road.

  2. Seth Schachter

    The old ‘free library’ of Westport on post road

  3. Joyce Barnhart

    Agreed – the old library

  4. Rebecca Bruno

    Isn’t that the sign on the building that was the old library where café Christina used to be

    Rebecca Bruno

  5. Rebecca Wolin

    the old library building

  6. Jerry MacDaid

    Absolutely – old library. 19 Post Road East.

  7. It’s the building where Freshii is – I think it was the original westport library .

  8. Elisabeth Rose

    Yup, it’s the old library. I still remember going there as a kid!

  9. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Even I knew it was the old library. Happy Easter to all who celebrate the day!

  10. Karen Kramer

    The old library on post Rd

  11. Jill Turner Odice

    I am almost positive it is the old library 🙂 It’s been many years since I read those words…:-)

  12. Definitely the o
    ld library on the Post Road at the corner of Main Street.

  13. Robert Mitchell

    A softball for a holiday afternoon.

  14. Bobbie Herman

    The old Library.

  15. Easy one original Westport Library,
    Over what was the main entrance

  16. Jacques Voris

    The old library, like everyone else says

  17. Over old public library? Next to Starbucks?

  18. Paul Chapman

    Old Library
    Harder Parking Plaza/Post Road

    Entrance over the doorway

  19. Vanessa Bradford

    Old Westport public library

    Sent from my iPhone


  20. YES! You are all correct! I guess this was my Easter gift to everyone — the easiest photo challenge in “06880” history!

  21. Ellen Gibson

    The old Westport Public Library on the Post Road!

  22. Cindy Zuckerbrod

    The original Westport library

  23. Michael Calise

    Imagine if it were still the library

  24. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Even got that one and I haven’t lived in Westport for years. Thanks for all the good memories.

  25. Old publc library..I have fond memories of it !

  26. Bert Reisman

    Could it be the old Library building? My wife was a reference librarian there for many years.

  27. Brandon Malin

    Old public library

  28. Daniel Souza

    This sign is on the building that used to be the Westport library located next to HSBC across from the old Kleins lamps store on Post Road next to the bridge headed towards Norwalk – apologies for clumsy description.
    Daniel Souza