Vanishing Steam

Steam — the coffee vendor at the Westport railroad station — has brewed its last joe there.

The town of Westport made several attempts to help Steam stay open, says Foti Koskinas, deputy police chief who oversees railroad operations.

However, he says, the Saugatuck location is now vacant. The town is initiating eviction proceedings at Green’s Farms. Termination of the current lease will follow.

Steam's interior, at the Saugatuck station. (Photo/Lee Scharfstein)

Steam’s interior, at the Saugatuck station. (Photo/Lee Scharfstein)

The Green’s Farms building will stay open though, with coffee and baked goods. It’s a different situation than at the Westport station — where there are restrooms on the other (westbound) side, and several coffee shops.

The town will advertise soon for a new vendor.

The Steam sign -- shown here in 2014 -- is now gone.

The Steam sign — shown here soon after it opened in January 2014 — is now gone.

(Hat tip: Lee Scharfstein)

17 responses to “Vanishing Steam

  1. Andrew O'Brien

    They should open a pizza place/bar there. It is on the wrong side of the railroad for a coffee shop as most commuters go into NY in the morning.

  2. Yup thumbs up to our BPort bros

    • Grow up Bill Banks . It isn’t Funny , when someones business closes .

      • Lighten up Dusty. If you read between the lines, Steam is the name of the band playing the song.

  3. David J. Loffredo

    It was literally on the wrong side of the tracks….

  4. Matthew Mandell

    This is a shame, but it certainly is no surprise. What comes in there has to be an after train business, not one for the morning. There are many possibilities, but we need someone willing to give it a go.

  5. Best train station coffee shop around is Whistle Stop Muffins, in operation at the Branchville station on the Danbury line in Ridgefield – a station with far less ridership than even Greens Farms station but she’s been in business there since the early 1980’s and has muffins that are the best. And sells pies at Thanksgiving and Xmas and had coffee, tea, etc.

    • True, but it’s a much smaller space and I’m guessing the rent is lower. Plus there’s no wrong side of the tracks at the Branchville, since it’s only one track and one platform, and there is no competition within walking distance.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Well, tourist information, news stands, book stalls… are fairly obsolete.
    How about a sports bar? Step off the train and have a pint, watch the last goal/basket/round/match/game before heading home.

  7. Nan Buziak Lexow

    Let’s bring George back to Greens Farms Train Station. Us regular commuters loved him and he never should have lost the lease there to start with. We even petitioned the town on George’s behalf and they didn’t care.

  8. The economics at the Greens Farms Station and The Westport Station are very different. There are no other choices at The Greens Farms Station unlike Westport. The process and requirements that were placed on the bidders when the change to Steam occurred several years ago was flawed and was doomed from the beginning. Although they have provided an upgraded coffee service that chance of this succeeding as a “High End” coffee place is almost impossible. The group that was running this prior to this was well liked by commuters and although it was not a fancy coffee shop it was pleasant, clean and never had any issues. The Town made a mistake in trying to turn this into something that given the bidding requirements made it impossible to succeed.