Westport Library’s Amazing Museum Freebies

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant. Excepting Alice…

Westport Library logoYou can also get anything you want at the Westport Library. Including passes to the Guggenheim, Intrepid Sea Air & Space Complex, Mystic Aquarium and Seaport, New York Historical Society and Discovery Museum.

Plus 22 other museums, science and nature centers, and attractions all over Connecticut and New York. There’s even one in Massachusetts.

Who knew?

Apparently, tons of people.

The program began in 2013. Residents and non-residents can go to the library, and borrow a pass for up to 3 days. You’re allowed 1 pass per adult library card at a time.

But that one pass is gold. At the Guggenheim, for example, there’s free admission for 2 adults and up to 3 additional guests. You also bypass ticket lines — and get a 10% discount in the Museum Store and Cafe.

The fine print: You can’t reserve passes. And if you lose one, you’re out anywhere from $50 to $350.

General admission tickets to the Guggenheim usually cost $25. But if you borrow one from the Westport Library, it's free.

Go to the Guggenheim. It’s free!

The collection of passes changes, based on user feedback. Right now, the 5 most popular passes are to Earthplace, Beardsley Zoo, Guggenheim, Stamford Museum & Nature Center, and Stepping Stones.

And you thought the library was only good for its Maker Space, Blu-Ray Discs and coffee.

(For more information — including a complete list of all 27 museums — click here. Hat tip: JP Vellotti)

7 responses to “Westport Library’s Amazing Museum Freebies

  1. Fabulous. I’ll have to remember!

    Regards, Tara Gans

  2. My family and I have used two of the library’s museum passes so far, and it is great! We took my parents and our kids to the Intrepid Museum, which has a pretty hefty price tag, and it was terrific!

  3. Kempton Coady

    Great information Dan! Rosita and I often frequent museums…

  4. Linda Grabill Parker

    Good morning Dan -we had this wonderful program in Mpls/St Paul for several years and it was hugely successful ! There was no charge for lost passes though and no coffee available

  5. Linda Grabill Parker

    Sorry Dan -I entered my name incorrectly

  6. Caryn Friedman

    Just to set the record straight – the Museum Pass program was often requested by patrons and Reference staff for years before we finally prevailed upon the former director to acquiesce to adding it to Westport’s library offerings. Westport Library was the last of libraries among surrounding towns to implement this type of program. Glad to see it getting some much deserved publicity, and that the community is enjoying its benefits.

  7. My sister’s library in Duxbury MA has had that wonderful program for a decade or two. I remember when the kids were younger taking advantage of it for the Boston Aquarium and other museums, wishing that we had had something similar here in Westport. Never thought to ask. Good to know. Thanks Dan!