Furniture On Consignment On The Move

Westport is awash in women’s clothing stores.

We don’t need another nail salon.

But we do need stores like Furniture on Consignment.

Jim Klinko’s shop has been in town for 35 years. Featuring “black Friday pricing” every day for home decorations, artwork, furs and other goods, it was located for over 2 decades near the Big & Tall shop.

Twelve years ago — due to rising rent — Furniture on Consignment moved down the Post Road, next to J&J Auto near Super Stop & Shop.

Furniture on Consignment's current home.

Furniture on Consignment’s current home.

Now Klinko is moving again. Once again, the reason is rent.

Furniture on Consignment heads back across Route 1. The new location is 1435 Post Road East — the former Leonce Antiques. (Back in the day, it was Tirreno Buick — before he moved across the street.)

“I’m just a local business trying to stay alive,” Klinko says. “I work hard to make a living — 7 days a week.”

Like a lot of mom and pops, he adds, “landlords are squeezing us out.”

Much of his merchandise is marked down, from its already low prices. He hopes to move much of it before April 1 — when he makes his next move.

The new location of Furniture on Consignment.

The new location of Furniture on Consignment.


15 responses to “Furniture On Consignment On The Move

  1. lorraine harrison

    I sold items with them and stopped doing business as a seller or buyer when I felt they took advantage of me…. some of my items disappeared and they said they were not responsible… not such a great place…I have heard similar stories from others…

    • To Lorraine Harrison you were paid for all of your consignments I can post your account if you like. There was no furniture involved mainly old shoes that were priced at 10 each all the items that sold were paid for I can also post that as well and you cashed. You sold 90 percent of what you bought in we did donate and old mink coat that was 125 and marked down to 62.50 no one wanted it. Also several pair of old shoes. If I’m in the wrong I have always sided With my clients and resolved any issues I’m proud of my business and worked very hard I’m not perfect but I will not stand by for anyone making false statements. I’m willing to resolve this with you as well I will give you are store credit for a fair amount. This happen back in 2011 our store policy Was 90 days back then, now it is 60 days with no exceptions we have to move the furniture as fast as we can and its in the contract it’s up to the consignor to keep track of there dates. Thank you Jim

  2. Never had a problem with them myself, and have found many interesting things …But wasn’t 1425 a Ford dealer originally? (1960’s)

    • Chip Stephens - Staples 73

      It was Larry Tirrino BUICK before he moved cross the street and before he went to Honda

  3. betsy pollak

    I’ve’ been buying and selling there for more than 10 years and have always enjoyed my purchases and the money I received back from selling.

    I’m so happy Jim and Nancy have a new home!
    Best of luck in your new location!!

  4. I’ve had good experiences there and AWFUL ones. Be alert. mmm

  5. Where is Leonce going? Now that’s a nice shop.

  6. Jim and Nancy and the rest of their staff have always treated me very well. I’ve bought and sold a ton of stuff there and always enjoyed their professionalism and good spirits. They are rather mellow, maybe not to everyone’s taste

  7. Christine Barth

    Leonce Antiques has moved downtown to a beautiful shop on the Post Road, upstairs next to Arogya Teas (131 Post Road East).

  8. Interesting that the seller of high end stuff such a Leonce could not afford the rent at 1435 and yet a glorified junk store can.

  9. I’ve known Jim for years, these comments crack me up, I’ve been there when people come in and offer $5 for something worth $50, which is a deal at the $18 price tag! I have gotten quite a few excellent buys as well as being pleased when he sold my items which I no longer had a use for. All clients which I refer to Furniture on Consignment have been happy with the results.

  10. …Daniel: Leon’s prices were rediculous and the inventory never changed, proof that his sales were few; and don’t call one of my favorite stores a junk shop — you obviously have never been inside — $1200 – 4 year old Lillian August tables selling for $250 sounds like a dream store to me.

  11. Christine Barth

    No store can appeal to everyone. I have bought several lovely pieces from Bernard at Leonce, at prices I found quite reasonable, given the high quality. I’m looking forward to visiting the new Leonce downtown.

  12. Randy Plimpton

    My wife and I have been buying and consigning with Jim for over 20 years and have never had a negative experience with him. We’re always delighted to find an item that would sell elsewhere for hundreds of dollars more for much less at FOC. Yes we’ve heard all the stories about bad transactions but we’ve also seen for ourselves how disagreeable some customers can be. And yes, his help there may be a motley bunch but they’re as nice and helpful as any I’ve run into elsewhere in Westport – in fact much more so if you want the complete truth.

    There’s a a great need for a store like Jim’s in this area as not everyone can afford Maseratis, Tiffany jewelry, and $28 / pound rib eyes. Jim is the most generous person I know and would give you his last dollar if he didn’t have to handover everything he makes to the greedy landlords that are squeezing out the small mom and pops like FOC. Good luck with your new location Jim. You’re one of a kind and lets hope that never changes!