Downtown Skyline Back To Normal

After 6 months of dramatic fascination, the crane that dominated downtown is gone.

It appeared suddenly in September, as part of the Bedford Square project.

First Night 2016 - 6 - bus and crane

It moved enormous pieces of construction equipment effortlessly, and gracefully.

It even lit up like a jinormous Christmas tree, during the holiday season.

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

Now its work is done. It’s been disassembled, and trucked back to wherever huge cranes go between jobs.

Coming down. (Photo/Denise Torve)

Coming down. (Photo/Denise Torve)

It was fun while it lasted.

And years from now, boys and girls who are toddlers today will ask themselves — and their parents — whether their memory of a huge crane towering over Westport was really real, or just something they dreamed up as kids.

Heading home. (Photo/Denise Torve)

Heading home. (Photo/Denise Torve)

5 responses to “Downtown Skyline Back To Normal

  1. My 3 year old wil be upset that it has gone.

  2. Jens Buettner

    At least he didn’t come down as the crane in NYC a few weeks ago. 😉

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson


  4. Wendy Cusick

    I’m upset that it’s gone. Loved that crane ‘Waldman Crane’ even though it was owned by Morrow. I’m waaayyy older than 3 yrs old and i’m upset it’s gone.

  5. Having erected a few tower cranes in my former career, I can say with certainty that the best day is the day it is totally dismantled and trucked back to the storage yard for preventive and routine maintenance and re-certification. Once a project is free of the crane you have made the turn and are racing for the home stretch.