Never Before Seen In Westport

Spotted yesterday near Maple Cleaners and Dunkin’ Donuts, on the Post Road:

Trump license plate

I’m not talking about the window sticker (although there are still — thankfully — very few of those around here).

Look closely at the license plate:

Trump license plate closeup

I’ve never seen anyone, anywhere, write a statement — political or otherwise — on a license plate. (It’s on the left, too.)

Apparently, “Trump Power”ย also includes the power to write whatever you want on your license plate.

39 responses to “Never Before Seen In Westport

  1. As a republican, I would never put a Trump sticker on any vehicle (nor on our license plate). ๐Ÿ™

  2. Maybe he/she is a bridge enthusiast?

  3. Clearly lost – in so many ways.
    Definitely not winning.

  4. Elizabeth Thibault

    Maybe they thought writing “power” would give their Jeep “high energy?” (That was bad, I’ll see myself out…)

  5. Hank Voight

    Maybe a change is needed and some cleaning house is in order.

  6. Edward Bloch

    Gotta be a law somewhere against defacing your license plate.

  7. According to random person on the internet who did not list his credentials to make this statement:

    “CGS 14-18(c) – Violations concerning mutilated or illegible plates, report of lost plates, improper attachments on plates – $117.00 INFRACTION

    This means you can have NOTHING on your license plate. No brackets, symbols, plastic coverings, etc. Just the screws that hold it in place and nothing blocking or touching the plate. The attachments give you a reason to get pulled over for an equipment violation. Will you get a ticket, probably not, but it is a lawful reason to get stopped.”

  8. Jack Whittle

    Would a picture of “Go Hillary” scrawled on the side of a license plate have generated a post here? ๐Ÿ™‚ Whatever your politics, I am happy to see freedom of expression being exercised, on this blog and on bumpers and even on license plates

  9. Dave Feliciano

    What I really miss is the Obama stickers that were mandatory on the all the Toyota Priuses in town. They were all the vogue in Westport and driving at 85 mph on the Merritt Parkway. But the real question is will President Obama pardon her so that she can run?

  10. Adrian Hinojos

    Please continue to repudiate Trump’s racist and bigot attitudes. There shouldn’t be space for people like him in this world.

  11. Michelene Spencer

    Weren’t there just posts of a couple of parking scofflaw plates ever so nicely edited to protect the perps? Could have been done here too.

    • No, there were not, Michelene. I’ve posted license plates before. I don’t edit license plates out. Most of the shots people send do not show them. Also, this person clearly WANTS to draw attention to his (or her) license plate.

  12. A. David Wunsch

    The pure products of America
    go crazy–

    William Carlos Williams— 1923

    ADW Staples 1956

  13. Amelia Lehman

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Puts a smile on my face. Only in Westport!

  14. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Thought such signage is only displayed on drumpf trucks.
    Better get used to it.

  15. Julie Fatherley

    Defacing a licence plate is illegal, no matter the reason.

  16. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Funny, the more I look at this plate, the more it looks like a R2-D2 vanity plate. Fitting for the “New Republic”.

  17. Laurel Sheck

    I was so excited when I saw the headline, I was sure it was a whale sighting! Instead it was an asshole sighting. Once again.

  18. Let’s face it….we are basically….well….screwed all the way around!

  19. The salient take away from the sticker and the scrawl on the plate is that, even though he’s dumb enough to go for Trump, he knows that he can express himself and his car is safe from retalliation because folks respect his right to his beliefs; ignorant and foolish as they may be.
    Right on First Amendment!!

    • Jeff Arciola

      what a smart democrat you are mr Katz. Also you guys call trump racist. Look at the most racist of them all. Barrack Obama. Hope you got your hope and change you all wanted.

      • How do you figure the President is the “most racist of them all?”

        Also, his name is spelled “Barack.”

  20. If someone will just post “all those who support Hillary are assholes” we will have both sides of an intelligent debate on public policy.

    “You’re an asshole. No, you are an asshole. No you’re and asshole. No, you’re….”

    You know you are in Westport if….

    Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
    Going to the candidates’ debate
    Laugh about it, shout about it when you’ve got to choose
    Every way you look at it you lose


    Published by
    Lyrics ยฉ Universal Music Publishing Group
    Simon And Garfunkel – Mrs Robinson Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    First Amendment rights are under attack on college campuses all over America.

  21. Another one of Trump’s low information voters who can’t spell his name right twice, even with a bumper sticker.

  22. sandra johnson

    I would think it would be illegal to write anything on a license plate??

  23. I’d like to hear more from Mr. Arciola as to how indeed President Obama is a racist. He may not be perfect – who is – but racist? Really?

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      It’s a blame game, played to explain the Republican “crack-up” (Obama’s words). Why can’t people just get along?

      • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

        “You’re a racist” is the new “Have a nice day.” Especially in a town where finding a person of color living next door is like finding a four leaf clover in your yard.

    • I am curious, too – but in lieu of that you might check his social media posts to get an idea as to mindset.

      On Chris Rock at the Academy Award’s, for instance. “More racist pieces of shit. All they do is cry cry cry. I’m sick of these racist assholes. Thanks for our first half black Muslim president. He has really helped the racism problem in this country. You should all be proud of him.” And Beyonce is a “racist pig.” And the protesters in Chicago were paid agitators, “socialist college kids (who) just want to keep getting stuff for free,” And Michelle Obama is “the definition of trash.”

      I guess some people still think that if the members of groups who have historically been victims of discrimination would just be quiet and do as they were told, everything would be good.

  24. Come on folks- what is it about a desecrated license plate that gets the blood boiling?

    Isn’t it just that so many of us dislike The Donald?? Republicans and Democrats.

    He is certainly entitled, in this country, to state all his policy positions!

    All the Republican candidates are more or less the same on immigration, abortion, guns, climate change, oil pipelines, clean energy, Obamacare.

    And to be fair- both Democrat candidates are basically just like each other at the opposite pole from the Republicans on every issue.

    So it must not be his policy positions that sets him apart.

    So- What is it about the Trump candidacy that makes scribbling on a license so enraging?

    It must be the mean spirited and mocking tone of his comments and his facilitating a culture of hate in his followers. It must be the demeaning of everyone around him with his foolish schoolyard taunts- I’m richer, I have more energy, They’re all stupid. It must be his declaring that it is all right to despise Mexicans and build walls around America to keep “the tired, the poor, the wretched refuse off our shores”. It must be his approval to hate all muslims because after all they all hate us. It must be his setting an example that it is okay to belittle the sick or handicapped. To open an old scar by sneering and mocking black people. To be nasty, to use dirty words, to allude to a candidate’s face and to question a reporter’s menstrual cycle. Could it be his insensitivity in leading his followers in a swearing ceremony that looks curiously a lot more like a Nazi salute than a swearing ceremony- his flip answer- I have a Jewish son in law and daughter and I know a lot of Black People. I get angry when the Donald “trumpets” that as the leader of the United States he will approve, in all our names, acts that are against international law and human law- torture.

    That’s a lot of reasons for The Donald to be a disgraced laughing stock -not the adulated leader of the Republican candidates for the Presidency.

    The Donald is leading us back to the good old days when “Might makes Right” and “Work shall set them Free” . He is definitely not from the school of “walk softly but carry a big stick.” He is from the school of “let me tell you what I’m gonna do!”

    But- I admit even sadder than The Donald are all the lost souls gathering under his tent – the lemmings who will follow him over a cliff!

    The Donald is a great salesman with a distinct brand- forget about towers and Taj Mahals, steaks and suits- The Donald will be remembered for vitriol and snake oil.

    I prefer to see his name scribbled on license plates! I cringe at the thought of The Donald’s name on a Bill or a Law of the United States of America.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      It is true that the entire world is paying close attention. Completely baffled.
      “It’s just politics” we say to calm ourselves, understanding that
      the world will still move on, with or (hopefully) without
      The Donald.

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        p.s. It would, however, be worrisome if people start building bomb shelters (again)!

  25. Jerry MacDaid

    This is sort of an interesting discussion.

    Personally, I find it incredible that someone like Trump is still even in the race. My first take was that he never expected to get his far and has been trying his best to say outrageous things in the hope of ending his candidacy – almost in the vein of “please, please chase me out of the race so I can continue to make real money over the next 4 years”. On the other hand, maybe he has seen how much Bill & Hillary have raked in over the past decade or so and decided being an ex-President could be very lucrative (though that might take getting Melania elected Senator then made Sec of State so there would be influence to peddle ๐Ÿ™‚).

    I find the tossing around of the “racist” term interesting as well. It used to be much clearer what that meant but seems to have expanded to include all sorts of behavior (micro-aggressions, etc.) that used to be considered mere thoughtlessness. Pretty much no one of any race can escape the current usage if consistently applied – even President Obama or most people commenting on this blog.

    I suspect that despite the outrageous things he says, “the Donald” is no more racist than most of the denizens of Westport who fight tooth and nail against any affordable housing proposal that comes up – something I’m sure has nothing to do with not wanting low income folks in town or overpopulating the school system with “those people”. Paraphrasing Chris Rock, Westport, like Hollywood, isn’t overtly racist but is “sorority racist”. “We like you but you’re just not a Westporter”.

    What the Donald is is a master manipulator of the media who will say or do almost anything to grab attention – which has certainly been working. Who knows what he actually believes since he seems to contradict himself on a regular basis. Sort of like most politicians these days – say whatever it takes, pander to whomever it takes, to get elected. But the Donald has figured out that really going “over the top” in a 24/7 media driven world rather than rational discussion among adults is a winning strategy – at least so far.

    Frankly, Kasich and Sanders (and maybe just Sanders) are the only honest, straightforward candidate among the current crop. Sad what it takes to get elected.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      If only Sanders supported free trade. Oh well, I’m ordering my Bernie t-shirt anyway.

      Do you think Donald will end up like George Wallace? Today, the Secret Service had its first real test.