Johanna Rossi Rings The Bell For Gender Equity

Happy International Women’s Day!

I’m not sure how you celebrated it.

But Westport’s Johanna Rossi — a highly regarded senior trader with Alden Global Capital — knew exactly what to do.

She’s part of Women in ETFs. As part of a global initiative, members rang the opening trading bell at 30 locations around the world.

Johanna joined the group at the IEX in the World Trade Center, the day before.

Johanna Rossi

Johanna Rossi

The market goes up. The market goes down.

But Johanna Rossi is always a winner.

8 responses to “Johanna Rossi Rings The Bell For Gender Equity

  1. go Johanna that is awesome

  2. Brett Katzner

    Great stuff Johanna; Congratulations

  3. Eric Niederrreither

    Well done Johanna congratulations!

  4. Congrats Johanna! Great job helping to spread the word!

  5. Nilsa Vazquez

    That is awesome. You are such an inspiration.

  6. You’re a great role model! Where you find the time?

  7. Congratulations Johanna, amazing work!

  8. Michael Weissman

    Johanna you never cease to amaze. Congrats. Michael