Bobby Q’s Will Be Back!

Mansion and Mario’s are memories.

But Bobby Q’s — the Main Street mainstay that closes March 31 — will live to smoke another day.

Sort of.

Owner Bob LeRose is opening a new barbecue restaurant in Norwalk. Located at 11 Merwin Street — off West Avenue, just north of Mathews Park and Stepping Stones Museum, in the newly developed “Waypointe District” — it’s (as Donald Trump would say) yoooge.

With 4,300 square feet, the restaurant will seat up to 100 diners. There will be outdoor seating too. (No word on a rooftop concert series.)

The as-yet-unnamed spot will open this summer. To pique diners’ interests — and tickle their taste buds — Bobby Q’s is offering each Westport table a 15% off coupon, good for the new place.

And, LeRose says, he’ll continue his catering business between the old closing and new opening.


3 responses to “Bobby Q’s Will Be Back!

  1. Yes in NORWALK, not small-business-killing Westport.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      I’m sorry, but I’m not sure that this really stands up to what we see happening in town. The town isn’t the one setting rents, which is what drove this move. Norwalk is physically bigger than Westport and has more commercial districts to choose from, and results in lower rents. There’s strong demand for the locations in our town and the rent in commercial spaces is rising to maximize this potential.

      This is what spurred places like AAA to move over the town line, because for better or worse, they don’t need a more exclusive address to provide their services. There are many small businesses based or expanding here, such as Cake Box, SoNo Baking Company, Saugatuck Sweets, Granola Bar, etc… The difference is that they all have boutique prices and can afford the higher rents.

      The town actually is pretty responsive to the needs of the business community, expanding outside dining permits and looking for other creative ways to keep the town character while allowing businesses latitude to operate within the parameters. Developers like Waldman seem to think Westport is hot property. This more seems to be a difference in what the various constituencies would like to enjoy within a 5 minute drive.

      *We love Bobby Q’s and can’t wait to enjoy their burnt ends in their new location. As much as we would love for them to be able to stay in their current location, we accept commercial realities of a BBQ restaurant have different profit margins that preclude alternatives. They chose to relocate rather than raising their prices.

  2. Any news on what is going to replace Bobby Qs on Main Street?