Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #62

I’ve said it before: You guys are good!

Last week’s photo challenge — a shot by Peter Tulupman of some trees and wetlands — could have been taken many places in Westport.

But it was actually shot at Earthplace. And Rich Stein, Laura Lipton, Evan Stein and Wendy Cusick knew exactly where. Click here for the image, and all the right (and wrong) guesses.

This week’s photo challenge is a bit different. For the 1st time, we’re not spotlighting one of Westport’s most iconic, beautiful or memorable spots.

Instead, there’s this:

(Photo/Wendy Stahl)

(Photo/Wendy Stahl)

If you know where this pretty gross shot was taken, click “Comments” below.

And if you want to clean it up, go right ahead.

9 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #62

  1. I-95 bridge over Compo Road South

  2. I concur

  3. Jackie Spencer

    Photo challenge: the I95 underpass, just past Terry Lodge

  4. Merrim3y@gmail.com

    Outside of the back entrance to Bobby q.

  5. Tom Turnbull

    Underpass on 95!

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  6. Wendy Stahl

    Bonus points if anyone knows who is the official”keeper” of the property. City? Transportation Dept?

  7. Regardless of who is technically responsible for maintaining the Franklin underpass, it should be the local property and business owners’ civic duty to maintain the appearance of the whole neighborhood…and they just aren’t doing it!

    I worked on Franklin Street for years, and still walk that way to the train station weekly. The sidewalks have dangerous holes & gaps, the snow is not properly cleared from sidewalks for safe pedestrian access — and even when there isn’t snow, cars are often parked onto the sidewalk, forcing the pedestrian into the street.

    There is insufficient sweeping and trash removal all around. Vacant properties like the former Blue Parrott are eyesores. Even the alley behind the shi-shi Tarry Lodge is an unsightly storage yard for restaurant equipment.

    Some pretty big names now own most of the commercial property in Saugatuck. Maybe they should figure out how to collaborate to keep the area clean and inviting — the way the Business Improvement Districts in NYC do.