This Could Be The Most Love-ly “06880” Post Ever

Sure, it happened on Valentine’s Day. But love is eternal — and this story is too fantastic to pass up.

Last March, Adam Keller was hired by JoyRide Ridgefield. His trainer, Jared Marinelli, had only been there a year, but was already one of the indoor cycling studio’s most popular instructors.

There was an instant connection. A week later, they had their 1st date. Their relationship deepened as they kept working — and gaining fans and friends — at JoyRide’s 4 Connecticut studios.

JoyRide logoWhen Adam decided to propose, he knew he needed a JoyRide connection. He asked Rhodie Lorenz — JoyRide’s co-founder, co-owner and lead instructor — to help.

They organized a top-secret flash mob. For 3 weeks, some of the studio’s top instructors practiced spinning choreography in Westport — JoyRide’s home base.

On Valentine’s Day, Jared showed up in Westport to film what he thought was a promotional video.

But instead of him teaching a song from the instructor bike, the entire room started their own routine.

Soon, friends and family — including Jared’s parents and Adam’s mother — walked in, holding happy signs.

Finally, Adam got off his bike — front and center — and popped the question.

When Jared said “yes!” cannons sprayed confetti, and everyone cheered. (Okay, some cried too.)

The couple plan to be married next year — somewhere in Connecticut. May we respectfully suggest JoyRide Westport?

But wait! There’s more!

The entire event WAS filmed — by HooplaHa. The company produces ONLY feel-good videos.

This one certainly is. It was posted late this morning, on HooplaHa’s website. Within a few hours, it had been viewed over 350,000 times.

11 responses to “This Could Be The Most Love-ly “06880” Post Ever

  1. I wish them many years of love and happiness.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Elizabeth Thibault

    This was so touching! Their love for each other certainly shines bright in this video. I wish them the best in their lives together! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  4. Love this! What a beautiful story to share!

  5. David J. Loffredo

    The World can’t get enough of this kind of stuff, really amazing how far we’ve all come in the past decade (or two years, or whatever….)

  6. Looks like love to me.

  7. Kim Crowther Manning

    Brought tears of joy to my eyes!! Beautiful!!

  8. Big smile on my face. All the best to them

  9. nothing beats love

  10. Armelle Daniels

    I am both crying and smiling! So touching, thank u for sharing.

  11. Ellen Naftalin

    So life affirming…Ain’t love grand!!!