A Sure Sign Of Spring

Earlier today, alert “06880” reader Fred Cantor watched a woman struggle against fierce Compo winds, trying to get this sign to stand:

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Fred Cantor)

When he saw what it said, Fred immediately felt hopeful. He knows there’s nicer weather ahead.

He adds: “Many thanks to the volunteer who brought a bit of sunshine on this miserable day.”

6 responses to “A Sure Sign Of Spring

  1. It’s girls softball, but thanks for trying 😜👎🏿⚾️

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  2. Hello Dan – I lived in Minnesota for 19 years where winter can seem endless. By state law, ice houses have to be off the lakes in southern Minnesota by March 7. That always seemed like a harbinger of spring. No matter the temperature and the snow on the ground, the Minnesota legislature decreed that Spring is coming.

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  3. Richard Rosier

    Dan, a sincere thank you for making this one of your stories today. Westport Baseball & Softball can’t wait to see our town’s boys and girls on the baseball and softball diamonds this spring, and we hope to see you and other 06880 readers at the ballpark!

    Rich Rosier
    President, Westport Baseball & Softball