Adam Lubarsky Keeps It Pumping

Many Westporters know Adam Lubarsky as the owner of 2 very popular restaurant/bar/music venues: the Georgetown Saloon and Blu Parrot.

These days you can find him at Southport’s Grey Goose.

But the 1973 Staples High School graduate has also enjoyed a long and parallel career as an actor. He’s had a principal role in the film “You Don’t Know Jack”; been seen on TV’s “Law and Order,” and done commercials too.

Lubarsky’s latest gig: the face of Novartis’ “Keep it Pumping” campaign.

Visitors to the drug maker’s site see several striking images of Lubarsky, calmly reading a paper as water rises all around. A 30-second video reinforces the main idea: “With heart failure, danger rises over time.”

The same video runs as a TV ad. It aired last Sunday on “60 Minutes.”

Adam Lubarsky, calmly reading a newspaper as water (representing heart failure) rises around him.

Adam Lubarsky, calmly reading a newspaper as water (representing heart failure) rises around him.

If you miss him online — or the Grey Goose — you can see him May 13.

That’s when his next film — “Money Monster,” directed by Jodie Foster and starring George Clooney — opens in theaters.

Lubarsky plays a construction worker.

A screenshot from the Novartis video.

A screenshot from the Novartis video.

7 responses to “Adam Lubarsky Keeps It Pumping

  1. Adam was my first boss in 1978 that led to many years working at the Georgetown Saloon. Little did I know we would become as close as family with the original “Saloonatic” group that worked with him in the 80’s. So happy for his success and following his passion for acting.

  2. vivianne pommier

    Congrats to Adam. Still remember him as a little kid. and will always have fond memories of Drew.

  3. Adams ad ran in the new issue of AARP. I thought he looked familia

  4. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Funny, he reminds me of how I remember his father.

  5. Renee Odriscoll

    Dies he play music at Grey Goise, you may know this

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  6. Kathleen Stuart

    Seems Adam is following in my dear friend, his brothers footsteps: Drew Lubarsky who was a Staples Players Actor. My brother Stephen Alward and Adam have known each other since Staples and been partners as owners of the Georgetown Saloon and later working together at their last adventure, The Blu Parrott interestingly enough also inspired by Drew. Its nice to see Adam flourishing and enjoying this part of his life and doing well.
    Kathy (Alward) Stuart