Remembering Kevin Gray — 3 Years On

Kevin Gray — a very talented member of Staples Players in the 1970s, who became the youngest actor to play the lead role in “Phantom of the Opera,” and acted in or directed more than 150 productions — died 3 years ago today of a heart attack. He was 55.

His wife — Dodie Pettit — cherishes his memory. She helped put together a video called “Acts of Faith,” incorporating one of his concerts. It shows Kevin as he was: funny, inspiring, and immensely talented.

He left us far too young.


5 responses to “Remembering Kevin Gray — 3 Years On

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Too young, indeed. Forever inspiring.
    Hoping to have the Broadway Tribute CD (will ask a friend or family to send one to Canada).

  2. Mary Schmerker, Staples 1958

    Thank You! What a wonderful treat.

  3. Theresa Saponare Kovacs

    That was a wonderful tribute to Kevin Gray, he was a very talented man. I went to see him on February 6, 1991 in The Phantom of the Opera. I was with 4 other ladies from Westport and one of them asked the usher if we could go see Kevin after the play, it was a matinee and we did go and he was so sweet to us and he had to keep all his make-up on because he had another show at night. I remember so well because he was so kind to take a photo with us all and I still have it. It is one of my favorite plays and I probably went to see Phantom 3 times with friends/family.

    • mary schmerker

      Thank You for sharing your experience Theresa. Aren’t we fortunate to have graduated from such a wonderful High School and wasn’t he gracious to visit with everyone. Such a magnificent talent.

  4. Wow. Wow. Wow.