Yesterday, Westport Felt A Sonic Boom. Today, There’s A Different One.

If you’re a true Westporter, you’ll know the significance of this post.

If you’re not — well, go back to your hipster microbrew.


This afternoon, Mike “Wolffie” Connors posted on Facebook:

I am proud and happy to announce that I am starting a new beginning. I am no longer working at the Black Duck Cafe.

Please join me for my first Saturday shift for lunch at Bogey’s Grille & Tap Room (2 Wilton Avenue in Norwalk).

Great food, lots of TV’s and just a great fun place. Hope to see you there.

Mike "Wolffie" Connors

Mike “Wolffie” Connors

Bonus fun fact: Bogey’s general manager is Richard Nistico — formerly of the Red Barn.

27 responses to “Yesterday, Westport Felt A Sonic Boom. Today, There’s A Different One.

  1. Gerry kuroghlian

    Wolfie leaving the Duck!!!!!!! Very Big Boom!!!!!

  2. Are you friggin’ kidding me??? Penny and I leave for a few months and this is what happens?? Say it ain’t so!!

  3. Susan Schmitt

    Best of luck Wolffie! End of an era for sure !

  4. Dear Dan,
    Please – try not to disrespect those of us who have only lived in Westport for 15 years or less, and at the same time honor those of us who choose not to drink. And please keep the bully parking posts coming.
    Thanks for everything,

  5. Ouch, that boom hurt me ears! Won’t be the same without you!!

  6. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here 100 years or 10 seconds. You still should know the Duck.

  7. Jonas Shapiro

    Wow! This is huge news. Same Bogeys ownership as the old Westport spot I wonder? Looks like I have a new spot to watch Syracuse games when in town.

  8. My head just exploded…. That is truly a seismic shift in the world of Westport

  9. OMG. It will never be the same again. The best to Mike on his new adventure

  10. Good luck Mike! And yes it is the same ownership as the old Westport Bogey’s. The Stablein brothers..

  11. That “BOOM” was from Mike “THE CENTER SUPPORT BEAM” Conners leaving the Duck!!! Look forward to seeing you the next time I’m in town Mike.

  12. Jenny DeMichael

    Awesome!!! See ya soon Wolfie!!!

  13. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Westport anymore….

  14. Good bye to the gentle giant!

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I only remember the Bridge Grille… guess I’m not a “Westporter” after all. Sigh. I’m guessing the two are/were like night and day.

  16. Best of luck Mike!!!

  17. I will see you. That is my other hang out prior to Bogies. SUCCESS brother!

  18. Thomas Von Ohlen

    Best of continued success Wolfie! First time I met you was at Oliver’s in the early 80’s, then of course all the days at Cogburns with Danny O and Herb, when we closed that place and many other local joints. You WERE the Duck, see you this summer when Im up from FL, at the newer Bogey’s, they are lucky to have you buddy!

  19. Michael Calise


  20. Speaking of Bogies: Police never caught the person who murdered Joan Wertkin!

  21. PS… After thinking about this… There are a few different thoughts here…. There is a contingent that doesn’t give a crap or go to THE DUCK…. Then there are those who go and don’t know or give a crap… And then there are people who grew up here and are of the mind and ilk(positive use) that pine and desire certain elements of regularity and history repeating…. An almost ground hogs day….. Mike “wolfie” Connor and his cohorts Glen and Martin… We’re and are those guys to many of this town they are the unsaid mayors and non-political advocates to going to our own Westport Cheers…. This might seem like complete bullshit for many… But for legions of people over the many years… Come home for reunions visits and the like its lets go to THE DUCK and when you got there it was smiles handshakes and One of the faces that made you feel like you were home again in Westport!

    PS… They did solve the Murder!!! They just never able to prove it!!! Kind of like OJ… Win some lose some

  22. Wolfieeee!! Felt the boom here in Montana, it caused an avalanche.