Bad Parkers: They’re Baaaaack!

Westport’s Very Entitled Drivers took the weekend off, for the blizzard.

But the moment the lots were semi-cleared, at least one sprang into action.

Here was the scene yesterday, at 544 Riverside Avenue:

Entitled parker 1 - 544 Riverside Avenue

For all you lawyers out there who say, “Yeah, but what about the driver’s side?”:

Entitled parker 2 - 544 Riverside Avenue

Meanwhile, here’s one from downtown, sent a few days before the storm:

Entitled parker - downtown Westport

And yes, that car blocking the intersection — and the curb cut — was parked.

With no one inside.

8 responses to “Bad Parkers: They’re Baaaaack!

  1. When I was a kid (in Fairfield) “Westport Cops” were legendary for giving tickets for the slightest infraction. Where are they now?

  2. MaryBeth Murra

    As always Dan – great pics! Shaking my head !

  3. Jerry MacDaid

    Wish I had taken pictures yesterday afternoon in the Fresh Market parking lot. Snow was pretty much cleared but that didn’t stop the bad parking. When I pulled in to drop off my wife there was a white Suburban sized vehicle not fully pulled into a space and sticking at least 4 feet out into the roadway. Luckily there was no one on other side at the time so I could swing by.

    When I came back 10 minutes later (after going to UPS store, where people were parked normally by the way), the monster SUV was gone but there was a Volvo SUV parked 30% over the line next to where it had been with another SUV in the next lane over parked in the striped handicapped door/exit space. Then, while I waited in a parking space for my wife, another SUV came the wrong way down the lane closest to store and executed a perfect 300 degree turn into the parking space facing me. At least they were within the lines.

    Of course, the final highlight of my Fresh Market trip was sitting third in line in the left turn exit lane at the light, light turns green and first car in line doesn’t move until light is yellow and second car honks. No oncoming or crossing traffic. Just not paying attention. Needless to say, only one car made it through.

    • Of course I wasn’t there, but I can tell you why the first driver wasn’t paying attention. Cell phone. Same reason there are all these one-car accidents at noon on clear days with no one else anywhere in sight.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      This reminds me of a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner cartoon.

  4. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Sorry I could not get my camera out this morning to get a shot of the construction Coffee Truck taking up a lane of Post Rd in front of Old Westport Bank and Trust thus backing up traffic to Compo Shopping Center

    • Yet another out of towner doing business in town, not paying local propertly taxes. Why do we allow food/coffee trucks anyway? They don’t pay taxes and we cant regulate them, like a local restaurant or shop, with unannounced, quarterly health department inspections.

  5. Love the G-Wagon parked in the crosswalk. That’s absolutely priceless.