Seagull Over The Saugatuck

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

7 responses to “Seagull Over The Saugatuck

  1. Michael Calise


  2. Great pic! Looks surreal.
    There’s a lot of photographic talent in this town! Lucky us!

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Perfect capture of a bird in flight.
    Hummingbirds outside my window has been an ongoing project!

  4. Brilliant!!

  5. Beautiful.

    Reminds me of that owl a Canadian traffic camera caught.

  6. Margy Cravath

    Excellent photo…I worked at Famous Artists in big building across river. Many moons ago. I am in FL but Westport will always be the home of my heart. My first love (who I never got over) was Timmy Wayne. Sigh…I lived on Charcoal Hill Rd, It was so good to see BIG TOPP, I ATE there so often.. Went to Compo beach every summer. Is Cafe de LA Plage (spellin) still around? Keep up the nice work, it is informative. Looking for Amy Morin! Fondly, Margycravath (formerly Sills)